Spied in the Enemy's camp

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by DN, Oct 12, 2004.

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    hehehe, more converts gotta love it

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    You would think that they were plotting to overthrow something/someone! :shock: :lol: :D
  4. I recently joined that site as I feel that no matter the media we are all modelers (although I wouldn't mind playing around with some "um modells). One of the threads was on the worth of card models as research for scratchbuilt styrene or wood models. I have tried to enlighten them (points for post name) on the value of some of the framing structures we use (not dis-similiar to them). But the thing I wonder about is the scale differences. the 1/350th I can undestand as it seems a pretty standard plastic model scale for ships.. Could this be because of problems with molding larger pieces warpping?. In some ways I feel that the various modeling communities should reach a commonality of scales. Something that was reflected in the "Why so Many"thread
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    I think it's great! Word is getting around and it's great to have this site discovered by the ship modelers. Now, about the Cleopatra project on Kartonbau Larry...,

    Best, Gil
  6. Really when one thinks about it there a lot of similiarities between the construction methods for wood and card ship models. Also this is where the cross fertilization of modeling practices can begin to benifit all of us if allow it to
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    I also visit this board and site frequently. I have to give a credit to the editor -Timothy Dike and his collaborators for keeping this site going - the site is updated very often. I could also learn a lot from them - especially when researching the Arizona.
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    Gil.....OK, OK.....I'm already feeling sufficiently guilty for not posting any progress pics of Cleo in so long! I promise to go home this evening and work on her! Actually, I've finished one of her anchors! Maybe I can get to the other two this evening! I would really like to get a little further along, then enter her in the IPMS Convention/Competition later this month!

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