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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by raser13, May 31, 2010.

  1. raser13

    raser13 Member

    well since my other thread about this is having technical issues, i'll try this again. hey, and hi:wave:. i'm a nooby here and i was wondering if anyone here had a working link to the paper replikas speeder bike model? i have several of his other amazing works and would lke very much to add this to my growing star wars collection. when i go to his site page http://paper-replika.com/index.php?...speeder-bike-star-wars&catid=40&Itemid=200658 and click the download spot it just takes me back to his main page. if some one has a working link that they wouldn't mind posting or maybe have a copy of this model that they could e-mail me it would be greatly appreciated if you'd pm me. or if he is charging for this model could some one put me on the right track to where i could order it from him? thanks
  2. Aussie Phantom

    Aussie Phantom New Member

    It's happening with all his download - maybe send the Paper-Replika admin an e-mail...
  3. raser13

    raser13 Member

    thanks for the reply, i didn't notice it happening to the others. i'll drop the admin an email.
  4. nachtinis

    nachtinis New Member

    I confirm tha tthe DL link doesnt work as of this post
  5. Kovic

    Kovic New Member

    Still broken :/
  6. raser13

    raser13 Member

    no reply yet.
  7. snark1950

    snark1950 New Member

    worked fine for me did you check the "I agree"to the licence agreement

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