Spectrum 4-6-0 _ Low Boiler model (HO)

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Iron Goat, Dec 11, 2004.

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    Are there any GAUGE'ers out there that have installed a sound decoder in a HO scale Bachmann Spectrum 4-6-0 (53" driver/low boiler model) ?

    The job requires removing the factory installed decoder wiring, and hard wiring in the new decoder in the (SMALL) tender, but it looks like the only way to fit everything in is by "cutting out" the post, or "tree" that the bottom screw threads into that is inside the tender's top section. Then the top section of the tender will have to be "tack welded" with a couple drops of CA...

    The only installation reference I have is the link below, and the photo....


    Bob :confused:

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    Sorry I can't give you any direct experience with the 10 wheeler... But a trick I've often used with Spectrum steam locos to avoid cutting out that tender "hold-down" post is to cut out the material underlying the removable coal load. It's often given me the squidge more room I needed to work around the post... At the expense of not being able to remove the coal load, of course...
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    Thanks, KChronister.... but I have already done the surgery ! If I can figure out a prototypical "lamp" for the rear of the tender, I'll hook it up to the "yellow wire".... otherwise, I'll close up and add that later. This is a "BEAR" of an installation, at least for me !

    Thanks again.... Bob :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

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    FYI for anyone doing this sound decoder installation in the future:
    First, I spoke too soon.... the above job even required removing part of the base of the coal bunker (as KChronister referred to.... ). There was no way you could close the unit up, unless material was cut away from the bottom of the coal load/coal bunker area.... Bob :eek:

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