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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rsn48, Feb 23, 2004.

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    Things I Have Learned

    All is fair in Love , War, and Ebay !
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    I just checked this thread out after posting. Yes, I am reporting a story. Rumour has it that the store is going to offer the guy more money; how much I don't know. No offence was taken with any posts here. I must be getting a thick hide, because unless some one is calling me an idiot or something, I don't even notice I am under attack. The Atlas forum is good for developing a thick skin.

    As for the value of a thing, sometimes you just don't know the value of something and if it is a lot of work, many don't want to do it. I am about to inherit a bust (only about 6 inches high) of Abraham Lincoln made out of $250,000 of confederate money - made into paper mache. The bust doesn't look like money, but there is a sticker on there that says that's what it was made out of. I guess some one decided to go entrepreneur over using worthless money to make a buck back then.

    So I know I have something made right after the civil war and is probably one of the few remaining pieces like it. But how do you find the value of the thing. I went to a large antique site and they told me it wasn't antique but a "collectible." So unless I list it somewhere with a picture, I won't know its worth. Or maybe if I list it on ebay I still may not get what its worth. Or... it might be worthless. But finding out what you have isn't all that easy.

    I have some civil war pics that are supposed to be worth something, but again, here in Vancouver, BC; difficult to find out what civil war pics (more like lithographs or something) are worth.

    We all know that when a guy dies his collection of engines and cars are not likely to bring in what we think they are worth. One guy in Vancouver died with a very large MT collection; they sold for a fraction of what they were worth. Now the estate could have got more, but they would have had to know what they were doing, what the items were worth, and where to sell it. Often not as easy as it sounds if your not in the know.
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    Don't worry about the bust, Rick, you didn't wanna be a billionair anywho :D :D :D
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    Okay Jon,
    We'll split the difference, I'd like to be half a billionaire.... lol.
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    AMEN! to that !!....And that's the main reason to enjoy them while you can!!.....Run 'em, paint 'em and modify them and just have yourself a "good 'ol time"....Our "heirs" probably think we are "nuts" anyway!!!:D :D :D :D

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