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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by rsn48, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. rsn48

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    First of all this is train related as it happened at an LHS. Secondly, this story just happened. Thirdly, it just happened at Van hobbies in Vancouver, BC. And now the story.
    This guy brings in a box of train equipment and other goodies to sell to the store. The store buys the lot for an amount less than $400 (my understanding is the amount is well under $200).
    When some one in the store cleans out the box, they find a toy "live steam" boat in the bunch of items. The boat is put on a shelf where a customer spies it and offers $7000. The folks in the store become curious and decide to put it on ebay to see what it will sell for.
    It sells for $79,100 American, over $103,000 Canadian.
    Turns out the boat was made on or priori to 1906 and is very collectable.

    Bibbs wrote:

    In case you don't believe it and couldn't find it...


    I think I have 3 of those in the attic!
  2. rockislandmike

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    Well, if I was the owner I'd certainly wanna give the original guy a healthy cut; but it may not be too easy to track him down either.
  3. Vic

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    HOLY COW!!!!.....That's the kind of deal I dream of:thumb:
  4. belg

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    Philip, I think he was just relaying a story and is NOT the one that profited like that on someone elses carelessness.

    I have PM him with this message as well.
  5. Gary Pfeil

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    Philip, a bit harsh, no? First of all, the forum has nothing to do with the post, so your leaving because of it makes no sense. Second of all, rsn48 simply told a story, he had nothing to do with it. Third, the store didn't take advantage of anyone, a customer came in with no idea of the value of this ship, nor did the store have any idea. If the store knew then I'd say your reaction would be appropriate. The person I feel most sorry for is the customer who offered $7000, he was aware of the value and offered a fair price, which only led the store to check how much they could get for it. He could have easily said "this is an interesting piece, how much is it?" He may well have gotten it for a $100. The only person involved who knew this item was valuable lost out because he made a fair offer. But you still can't blame the store for deciding to get as much as they could. And as Mike said, if the store knows how to get a hold of the original owner and gives him even $1000, I'm sure the guy would be thrilled and the store could feel good about itself. But I'm not suggesting that they have an obligation to do so.

    Hope to see you round.
  6. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Hey Pillip, I can see where you don't watch Antique Roadshow, or any of those other antique appraisal shows. It happens all the time. A lady bought a "rickety" old table for $25 at a yard sale and it was appraised at $150,000. A year later the show went with her to an auction where it sold for $500,000. She's not to blame, nor do I think Van's is intentionally taking advantage of a customer. They have examples of this every week on these shows where someone "finds" something at the bottom of a box of stuff they bought and didn't know it was there until they got home, or they take home this "nice" painting they found at a yard sale for $10 and it is appraised for $50,000. If they knew the value beforehand, I would say it was a suspect deal, but not when buying a box lot like that. Plus, I would not shoot the messenger simply for bringing this to our attention.

    I would reassess you thinking on this.
  7. eightyeightfan1

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    We've all done it at one time or another.
    "Gee, That guy offered me $100.00 for that widget, I wonder if I could get more"
    Everyone that posts something on e-bay is doing it now....Go for the higher bid.
    If the boat came out lower in bidding on e-bay, I'm sure the LHS would of offered it to the guy that was willing to pay $7000 for it. Just to be fair, giving the original owner a cut would be nice, but since they bought it from him, they really don't have too.
    If I sell a used car to someone...Should I give the Chevy dealer I bought it from a cut?
  8. cidchase

    cidchase Active Member

    Thought you was a Ford man, Ed.....

    Oh yeah, I forgot, trains......:D

    Hey, philip, hope you reconsider. It really wasn't rsn48
    that done it anyway!!! :oops:

    If you leave, how am I gonna learn about burn wrenches???
    ;) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
  9. Ben H

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    Don't pick on philip. He wants to wallow in world guilt.

    Just one question would Central be required to expect more money from this trader of used items if Central had lost instead of made money on his items at later sale.
  10. Fred_M

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    Gee, had to check my address bar their. Thought I had somehow got to the Atlas or Trains forum. Was philip the guy who sold it to the hobby shop? :D Want to hear about the Corvette I bought for $50 from the little old lady, or the $10 hemi cuda from the ex-wife of the unfaithful man who moved to Cancun? FRED
  11. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    I suspect that there may be more to this than we know....and we probably never will. It would be interesting to know if the seller actually gets payment for the boat.

    Ethical values in "horse trading" walk a very thin line...sometimes it falls one way and sometimes it falls the other....some folks can take it and others can't.

    In defense of the hobby shop I can say a deal is a deal.

    In defense of Phillip I can also say that the hobby shop could have stopped the auction at anytime prior to its closing and could have "ethically" told the previous owner of the boat that he made a big mistake and worked something out.

    In defense of RSN48, he was only passing on something to us.

    It all depends one's personal point of view.....

    "Robber Baron's are Captains of Industry who are looked down upon for succeeding at the expense of others and at the expense of moral integrity. To firmly attach a label to any given person or people is difficult because the distinction between a robber baron and a captain of industry alternates with the point of view from which you hold. .."
  12. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    Keep in mind, that a lot, if not all, of the "railroad pioneers" were also "Barrons" that took advantage of other people, both financially & physically (immigrants). Otherwise, we wouldn't have had the huge Megacorp railroads in the beginning of the 20th century. :( :( :(
  13. DanishKnight

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    Human nature

    The thing about humanity that disappoints me every time is "human nature". The thing about people that touches my heart every time is "human nature." Take away our humanity and we are just human beings. Take away our human nature and we are just another species. I think it is better to look for the good in someone than to see only their "human nature". But with so many choosing to follow their baser human nature, it is sometimes hard, if not impossible, to see the beauty of the individual.

    Popular wisdom understands that until we walk a mile in someone's shoes we cannot fully understand them. Some have what might be called an easy walk. Some have a very difficult walk. But always there is beauty in everything, in every life, in every moment. The trick is to see the beauty and understand that everything else is only someone else's pain.
  14. Vic

    Vic Active Member

    Agreed! But is it any different today? No, just look at the "Robbers" that take away American jobs and then outsource them for pennies on the dollar offshore. What's the motive?...why profit of course and what's the result?...financial and physical hardship:( :( :( ...I don't see the price of anything getting any lower:cry: :(

    I gotta run for now...its time for my Little Plastic People to get their weekly checks.....less deductions!!!:D :D :D :D
  15. pttom

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  16. cidchase

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    Wal, I jes donno how to take THAT!:eek: :eek:

    I got PLENNY guilt!!!!:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  17. spitfire

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    Does anyone think that the person who bought this item has more money than sense?????? Gee, what if it's Bill Gates©?

    :D :D :D :D
  18. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way


    I would think that someone that would pay that much for an antique boat that had broken and missing parts has to either be a museum (read: not their money), or have a weekly allowance (read: spoiled brat) in the six figures, 'cause I can't see anyone spending that much of their own hard earned money on something like that.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  19. DanishKnight

    DanishKnight Member

    I agree...and having said that, I must now state that I have learned (and evidently not all that well), that sometimes the best thing for me to do is...remain silent and look for the beauty in the moment!:)

    Sorry! I can't help myself...As far as reality goes, IF ONLY...!
  20. philip

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    apology for RSN48

    Please accept my sincere apology.

    Best Regards,

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