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  1. Here's a link to a free download that I thought was pretty cool, and might be of some use on model RR layouts with some weathering - the download includes good directions and builds into the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland, though most people probably would just view the model, devoid of it's Disney context, as a well maintained antibellum mansion.


    I don't have need for one of these on my layout, but think I'll build one anyway:thumb:

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  2. scottcn

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    That's one big model - ~9 x 10 inches. Shouldn't be too hard to scale it when printing so it was in HO (or whatever scale you want) - the website says that it is ~1/66 scale as designed. A very impressive creation!
  3. thumsup

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    :eek: Way to close to home for me. I work for the city of anaheim. :lol:
    Darn if I can even drive by the place. sign1 But I gotta admit, a fine looking structure. Thanks for posting.

    :thumb: Joe
  4. berraf

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    When I get old I'll build this one :thumb:
    It will be in my dreams until then...
  5. COX 47

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    Nice but i think that Iron work is to much for me in N scale!...Cox 47
  6. scottcn

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    That was one of my first thoughts when I saw the picture that Colton_modeler posted, and I model in HO. If you go to the website where the paper model is posted, you'll see that the iron work is intended to be printed on a transparent sheet (transparency, overhead, whatever you want to call it) so you don't have to do any fancy cutting or anything to get the good looking railings. Pretty clever ... and it looks good, too.
  7. I agree, it is clever - the kits designer created the ironwork for the roof in two colors - tan (as per prototype) with black in the spaces, or also in green, to be printed on transparency. I think this is a pretty useful technique for other things we might want to build, to. I've seen an article before about lacework iron catenary supports built around a clear acrylic core, which is similar.
  8. ocalicreek

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    Definately gotta have this one! I'm downloading...NOW!
  9. Tileguy

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    Theres a model that could use the carved Plaster base like i did for the wrecker garage.........build steps & then your mold. Put the steps in Place so when you pour theres no need to cut them out. Carve in a brick or paver pattern to them.
    Do a stone pattern around those walls AND do the Fireplace chimney's to match!! Run them Full height and use them to Help ANCHOR your paper Model!!

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