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  1. shrike

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    A guy is driving by the local sanitarium when he has a blowout.

    He stops, gets out, digs in the trunk to find the jack and other impedimentia of tyre-changing and sets to he task.

    After a few minutes he has the car jacked up and the old tyre off. He also has an audience of patients standing by the fence watching. This makes him slightly nervous and jumpy, so just as he has the new tyre in place he fumbles and spills the lugnuts right down the storm drain.

    He lets out a bellow of frustration and is drawing a breath for another, when one of the patients calls out to him.

    "Hey - no big deal. Just take one nut off of each of the other three wheels. It's not perfect, but it will get you into town where you can fix it right"

    So the guy does as suggested, and is getting ready to drive off. Before he goes he walks over to the fence and says, "Thanks a lot. That was a really intelligent solution that saved the day. So...what's a clever fellow like you doing in there?"

    "Hey, I'm crazy, not stupid"
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    NEVER underestimate the mentally ill!
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