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    I had a change in my plan from point to point to continous run and decided to span the gap with 2 single track through truss bridges. Using the Robin technique....see Robin you have taught me alot....I built both spans out of congrugated(?) cardboard. I must admit seeing the final pictures, this was a good choice of materials. Still have to add the walkways and handrails, which will be built of cardstock with window screen glued on top and the handrails will be also window screen. Additional pictures and it's final completion on the module will follow shortly.

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  2. Fred_M

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    That looks nice. We all can learn from each other here. That's what's so great about it. Fred
  3. Matthyro

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    Very nice Ed. I am pleased to see how goodl your bridges look. Cardboard is so easy to use too.
  4. Ralph

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    Oh that's nicely done!
  5. Chessie6459

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    looks great, keep up the great work. :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  6. Papa Bear

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    I wouldn't have ever thought about doing that. Sure looks easier than gluing those trusses out of little plastic pieces! Nice work!
  7. CCT70

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    Sp 7623

    NICE engine Ed :D When are you going to finally paint those things?

    It really feels great to see those little guys running up in the Great White North. They just sat in their boxes in the train closet after Peyton died. I knew of all people, you'd get some use out of them and make them earn their keep. It also amazes me just what you can do with basically things we take for granted and throw away, like cereal boxes and index cards. It makes me take a whole different look at empty Apple Jack (mmmm....... applejacks......) boxes.

    Keep me up to date on the layout, I was just thinking about it last night when I ran across some old progress shots you had sent me, as well as the IR SD40-2 drawing that I *STILL* plan to do in HO once the racing season is over. :thumb:

    Take care, :wave:


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