Spanish Model A Roadster.

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  1. Mark Crowel

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    Bought this at a store called All About Hobbies, in Paw Paw, Michigan, for $7. Made in Spain, copyright 1993. Product name is Alcan. Scale is 1/24th.

    It was the only cardstock model car in the shop. It was stacked among the plastic model car kits.

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  2. I've built the Alcan Model A taxicab, which is similar to your model. While I don't care much for the original thin slick paper, the final result is quite attractive. The artwork and finish remind me of a lithographed tin toy, but that's fine. It will definitely attract attention when completed.

    You might want to reinforce the chassis box with stiff cardstock so it doesn't warp. Sandwiching thin clear acetate side windows between the interior and exterior car sides will add to rigidity, but be careful since the thin paper may show bumps at the acetate edges. Don't forget to paint the interior of the car top and possibly blacken areas of the engine compartment that's visible beneath the dashboard. Add a round-headed straight pin for the gearshift, and you'll have a fine Model A.

    (As an option, you might want to scan the front bumper parts and print on photo paper for a pair of smaller back bumpers flanking either side of the spare tire.)

    Have fun! I certainly did when building my Alcan taxi, and so did the lucky kid who later got it.

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  3. Mark Crowel

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    Beautiful model, David. I plan to color photocopy the parts and apply them to writing tablet cardboard, because that's what I usually build with. The original will stay mint boxed.

    I will cut off the tabs from the copied version. I prefer to use joiner strips and glue edge-to-edge.

    I've been told Alcan ceased production around 2000. Too bad. By the looks of your model, they made a nice product.
  4. gwssms

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    I have a few original Alcan kits that I found in a local hobby shop afew years ago, now closed. Like Mark said, these were the only card models in the store and even though they were shop worn and in the discount bin I still had to dicker the price to get them for seven bucks apiece. The boxes were toast so I scanned the covers for reference.

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  5. Mark Crowel

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    Looks like I got a good bargain, to get mine for $7. Are you considering selling yours?
  6. doctormax

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    looks nice that managed years ago to get a Mercedes benz by them and it looked really nice not hard to make either. so you don't like tabs? i may take that as a bit of advice for design work. i am finding doing tabs on the design next to impossible.

    your better off doing it from a copy they are impossible to find well next to impossible you come across them in art shops when they are having sales or closing down. that is where i found some paper models that i got. other good source do for car models i find is canon.
  7. Mark Crowel

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    Use joiner strips. They are less awkward to work with, and you'll get smoother curves and circles.

    Thanks for the tip about car models from Canon.

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