SpaceShipOne; Outstanding!

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by wunwinglow, Jun 21, 2004.

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    Starship Headquarters, California...,

    Guess that's what we can call it now that its happend.

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  3. I'll save my celebrating for the day they win the prize. Did this flight meet all the requirements of the first of the two required flights?
  4. Gil

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    Not yet, didn't have the required passengers and it's still not clear whether it cleared the required height...,

    Some damage did occur to the craft near the nozzle exhasust surrond structure. These are still test flights risking only the pilot while testing the craft against the design evelope. I don't believe that any of the other contestants are as near to completing the prize requiremens as is RAF.

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    I've been following the Armadillo Aerospace effort. They're probably as far along as any of the non-billionare bankrolled projects, and they're only testing sub-scale vehicles on 14 second "hops".

    Their weekly updates are quite interesting to read, and they're loacted somewhere in the Dallas area.

    Still, Currell's SS1 is on my "to build" list.
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    The da Vinci Project is not too far behind. Above all regardless of SS1's success they still plan to see their flights through to the end.

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    I saw a altered picture once that had a B-17 made up to look like a Burt Rutan design. The main wings are way back by the tail and it has canard wings under the cockpit. The caption read:
    "If Burt Rutan had been around in 1942, things might have been different..."

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    Just in case someone either didn't know or didn't notice;
    Currell has updated the SpaceShipOne model and now has both the early test flight version and the current X-Prize (with Virgin logos) version available as a free model. Very cool of him to do that so quickly for us. Different paint, different logos, and the shrouded rocket nozzle as seen on the October 4th flight.
    Now, who is going to do the interior? Complete with a little floating model of the SS1?


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