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Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by lancer525, Nov 9, 2008.

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    I can't tell you how flattered I am that you want to put my pics on your site!

    In a word, YES!

    I'd love for you to do that. If you like, I'll send bigger copies, since I scaled these down for publication here.
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    Update to the project!

    I'm happy to report that there's an update to this spacecraft construction saga...

    After an abortive start on the Recovery Section, I decided to go back and finish the detail work on the Antenna Canister, now that my Deep Morning Mist paper arrived. [​IMG]

    Built the scanners, brackets, drogue canister, and other internal parts, and here they're added in to the internal structure:


    I still have the feeling that there are a few things I am missing somewhere, because there seems to be a number of really tiny parts that are still on the cards, and I have less than no clue where they go. I think it's because Scott (the designer) put in extra parts for test fits, multiple rebuilds because of mistakes by modelers like me, etc. sign1

    I used the Deep Morning Mist paper from to do the skin, and I found this really great textured paper at a scrapbooking store back home in Georgia, and used it for the dielectric band and scanner housing cover. I can't find the tag from the paper, so I don't know the name of it. When I get back from vacation in December, I'll have bought some more, and can post the name of it then. Sorry fellas.


    I had a devil of a time doing the destabilizing flap, as I built the first two backwards. That is to say, I built them upside down. The scanner cover housing kept ending up on the other side of the top of the canister, so I'd have to build another one. Finally got it right, but there was some major gnashing of teeth going on... [​IMG] I still have the drogue canister cover to build, and then I can set the entire assembly aside to wait for the molded skins that Scott is working on. I'm also going to be taking a break, as I'm going on vacation right after Thanksgiving. For now, I'll focus on restarting the build of the recovery compartment.

    Here's the assembly, as it sits right now.


    As I've said, I'm going on a vacation right after Thanksgiving, so I'll be elsewhere for a couple of weeks.
  3. :cry:Be careful about calling it a "Canister" Scott believes in accuracy when using the right terminology. It is the "Antenna Fairing Housing". Since it is his model I think we should respect his wishes. Just thought I would let you know.
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    You're absolutely right! I'm all for that. In one of the manuals I downloaded, I think it was one of the NASA familiarization manuals, or one of the other documents, I saw this structure described as "the antenna canister" but if Scott has another name for it, and that's the one he prefers, I'll absolutely respect the designer's wishes.

    Recovery compartment is progressing, but slowly, as I am having a tough time figuring out some of the parts, where they're folded (and how) and where they go... I'm leaving for the carribean next week, so there won't be any more updates, and no construction after Tuesday.

    Tropical Paradise! LOL sign1
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    I uploaded new instructions for the Recovery Section. It looks the same on the web but the PDF file is new. Its interesting to see it was exactly 2 years and a day since I posted them.

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    Finally back to construction!!

    Hiya, gang! I thought I'd post an update (since there actually is one!) of my trials and tribulations in building Scott's great Mercury Spacecraft.

    As you know, I took a vacation in November. It was great! If you've never taken a cruise, I highly recommend it! sign1

    There have been a few interesting things that have happened between the last time I posted to this thread, and now.

    I came back from my vacation, and had three solid weeks of lots of work at my job, including a major public educational program, and then ten days here by myself, as my boss took his Christmas vacation.
    Then, while that was going on, I got myself involved with the team of folks who are responsible for the DIRECT alternative launch vehicle system that is hopefully going to replace Ares. I say hopefully, because nothing is happening right now in the new Obama Administration to name an Administrator at NASA.

    The DIRECT team had a project they were working on, and mentioned it on the discussion thread at I volunteered for it, since it was about modeling, and so ended up building a pair of models for their project, which turned out to be a meeting with the Obama Transition Team at NASA-HQ in Washington. Talk about pressure. I built the two models, shipped them off to the team, and my models are now in the Library, on display, at NASA-HQ !

    That's taken up some time. I've now gotten involved with the DIRECT team, and so I actually have less time than I did last year!

    Anyway, I've started building the Mercury again, and so, without further ado, here is the Recovery Compartment:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] This is pretty much where I left off in November, before we left to go on the cruise.

    Here's what I've done over the past couple of weeks:

    Here, I've added the Teflon strips (and got carried away with them as well. Stopped in the middle to go eat, came back and just started gluing! Ended up with too many... heh) and the lower stringer support and flange.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The interior bulkhead along with the Baroswitch assembly.

    My handy-dandy tubular roundness jig! I was getting some deformation when I tried to set the bulkhead assembly in, so I invented a jig to keep the compartment perfectly cylindrical!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Adding in the external stringers. Am I glad this little bit is finished!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The beginnings of assembly of the flange for the Pressure Bulkhead.

    This is where I am at present.

    I'm also stuck. The parts for this flange consisted of three ring sections, and three bands. They are on Card52. This is the one with the three sections that have the red band, and the two ring segments with ears.


    I sort of hate to say it, but I am really stuck in determining where, and in what order, all those parts go! I have the main pressure bulkhead cut out, as well as the three red-ringed flange parts and the three flat bands, but nothing else. Yes, I have the new instructions file that Scott uploaded in November.

    Call it a good stopping point for now. :wave:

    Oh yeah... I also built myself a tool rack. I got tired of looking all over the dang worktable for any given tool. wall1


    Built it out of what else, cardboard! :twisted:
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    I'm an historic house-museum curator and tour guide. Are you really sure you want my job?
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    Dude... I don't get to build models as part of my job. My museum is a mid-19th Century mansion. Models is just what I do to keep my sanity, else I'd worry myself to death. LOL!
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    That's awesome! But your link doesn't go anywhere.
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    I am in the middle of moving to a new house but will try to look at the instructions ASAP. I looked over this section before christmas and thought it was o.k. Just remember the photos I posted DON'T have the red band. I ended up adding it after construction so the flange is double thick on mine in that area. I thought I was pretty clear but I'll go over it again...

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    No sweat, and no hurry...

    I didn't know you were moving!

    All I'm really concerned about is what parts go on top of what other parts, so that the entire bulkead/flange system goes together, and in the order you intended. An exploded ortho or iso sketch would help, but I don't expect you to go to all that trouble. I just can't picture the spatial orientation of how all those pieces fit together.

    Good luck with the move!
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    Well, you could try copying the link into a browser you know. Works fine for me that way.

    But try this one.

    If this one doesn't do it, then I guess you'll have to go through all 300 pages of the thread! LOL
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    I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you. Thanks for the PM to get me back on track. Our move along with all the construction I am doing and the new Foster kids has kept me pretty busy.

    We need to build up two seperate rings. They will be added together to make a kind of step down to the forward bulkhead and to provide the flange for the pressure bulkhead to rest against.

    You made the first one already. This gets added to the recovery section as shown in the top photo on the tenth page of the instructions. Its the one with the two cloths pins. If you have'nt done so, sand the end of the cloths pins off so that clamp down in the corner better.

    Now glue the outer bands to the segments with the red stripes. Like the instructions say, they go on the outside. Imagine you can see the red band under the coins in the lower photo on page ten.

    O.K. We totally skipped some photos here. I never really planned on making instructions to build this darn thing so I just put photos I had together. It was too complicated to build another one just for construction photos. Sorry....

    Page 11 tells you to make the forward bulkhead. The parts with the ears go here. You can see them in the photo on page 10. Then the ears get glued to the ring segments with the red stripe.

    So the parts on Card52 make the flange we glued to the recovery compartment in the upper photo on page ten. They make the flange with the red 'O' ring we glued to the forward bulkhead (the lower photo on ten) with the help of the help of the ear pieces.

    The reference to the parts on 51b threw me off until I realized they are a darker gray. You can see them in the lower photo on page ten.

    Now you will glue the forward bulkhead assembly to the recovery compartment. The flanges make it easy as you are just gluing two rings of the same size together. Use VERY LITTLE glue so you don't warp the paper.

    I hope I have helped a little. It should be easier to follow with the parts in front of you. If you have any problems, call me.

    Remember, no matter what you screw up, you can just cut it off and add new parts back on. I did this lots of times. Notice the red stripe is missing in the photos. I had to start over on this flange and forgot them. They were added after the fact...

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    Wow, Scott! I had no idea you were so multitalented!! LOL

    Thanks for the fill-in instructions. Big help!

    I think I have it, and will be building over the next few days, but if I run into any issues, I'll be sure to let you know.

    Thanks again!
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    Hi lancer was this ever completed?

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