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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by Eric Ferguson, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson Member

    Does any one know of a *freebie* Space Needle? I'm still in sort of collecting phase, and haven't started *any* kits (yet!). Still have to get tools, knives, etc.

    I saw a kit at the Space Needle itself, and it was quite expensive for me. So I thought I'd ask here. The simpler, the better at this stage as I'm a total novice. I was in the Needle during the '63 worlds fair as a kid. Visited years later, and this year saw it again, but didn't go up. Limited time, and cost.

    Thanks for any responce....Eric
  2. bemma

    bemma New Member

    The Space Needle kit was one of the first paper models I built almost 10 years ago. It was expense then also. But it was a lot of fun and looks nice in the living room.

    I couldn't find any reference to a freebie.

    Good luck,
  3. Eric Ferguson

    Eric Ferguson Member

    Thanks Stan....

    It seemed a bit steep to me, as I've yet to build nything. As to looking, I've Googled too. All point back to the kit you can buy in Seattle.

    Just as an aside, I was up in the Needle during the '63 World's Fair. Was there again in the early '70's. Was there again with my Mom earlier this year, but time and money constraints stopped us from going up again. (We had walked there from the Pike Market place after someone had told us (falsely) that the monorail was shut down. Man, what a difference 44 years make <G>!)

    Thanks for the comeback Stan. One of these days, I'll get off my duff (or get a round tuit), and actually try a *simple* card model. I m terrible at doing a lot of things, but figure, with a paper/card model, I can always re-print and start over. Just afraid of screwing up, basically.... Eric
  4. aphelion16

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    Is there a disaster movie in which the needle DID'NT fall down in ?
    Not particularly relevant to the question at hand. But it did occur to me.
  5. davelant

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    The paper model available at the Space Needle in Seattle builds up well. The graphics look like 1980's computer graphics, and the design shows its age as well. The restaurant/viewing area is built up as a 12-sided structure; this could have been done differently, I think. Most puzzling, though, is the model is printed out on different colored sheets of cardstock, some gray, some canary yellow, each sheet 11x17 inches. I copied and reduced each sheet at 75% of full scale onto white 8.5x14 cardstock. The resulting model is about 32 inches high.

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    NULLMOON Member

    theres a freebie of the russian tv tower floating around somewere havent seen this one

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