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    So I got into Warhammer 40k a little too late and was thinking of getting into the table top. Problem is, where I live, you aren't gonna see any fans of W40k and looking for people to play with seemed impossible. However I found a pretty decent board game that's applicable with 2 or 4 players; Space Hulk (mainly 2 only but I read people can make do with more than that). Sadly Space Hulk isn't even for sale now and Amazon/eBay isn't really a place where I can look for one.

    So now I turn to see if stuff can be done by yourself and found myself a board maker even. Problem now are units.

    I know ARMORMAN made a Terminator unit ready but does anyone have templates or is planning to make a Grey Knight Terminator pep file and maybe some daemons (if that's even possible to pep).


    I'm waiting for someone to extract the DOW 2 files for me so that I can turn them into patterns.
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    I think I remember having a 3DS Max plugin that lets you extract models from any app (even emulators aren't safe). Now gotta find ye olde lost CD of my 3ds max :/ May get it for you if I can find and re-install 3ds

    Tried those before and made keychains-ish things out of them. Just looking to make more awesome looking units this time.
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    But why havn't you asked me ......... which one do you want ?

    I have not extracted all but can do so with relative ease. I only tested with a couple :)

    Lemme know what you are looking for.

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    Character models and their weapons:



    Dark Eldar

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    Can I send you the DDS texture or do I need to convert them for you ?

    Quick test, below is the Eldar Avatar.

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    Please convert to a .3ds format something that pepakura will read. Textures as well.
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    Extracting Models

    A little off topic; Has anyone played Alien Assault? The fan-game based on Space Hulk where Games Workshop put the hammer down on cause they feel it was copyright infringement, and where THQ made a bad game for mobiles based on it and later TEARDOWN (makers of the said fan-game) renamed it "Alien Assault" but urges everyone to mod it to turn it into a Space Hulk game?

    No? Play it! It's FRRRrrrrrEEEEEeee....

    Yes? Awesome!
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    Well, Your choice. Incidentally I recommend you to take look at Battlefleet Gothic - it's freely available on GW's page, and you can easily find on the web anything you need to start playing. I loved to play it, and it is uniquely appropriate to using 2D proxies as the measurements are solely from bases and their middles.

    The game is fast flowing with surprising plot twists and enchanting - especially in the campaign mode. Heartily recommended :)
  11. Yes, BFG is a fantastic game and can be played with 2D proxy ships but is so much more engrossing with 3D ones, which are hard to come by for purchase anymore other than the few still being produced by GW that are way overpriced and hardly representative of the vast number of variants and designs described in the game, fluff and novels. That is why I am on a quest to find 3D card models of BFG ships or design them myself. They are very adaptable to card modelling much more so than those of Star Trek and yet there is a plethora of those out there. Maybe we should start a design project? I would love to design and build some of the old Space Fleet (BFG's predecessor) ships too. To start though check out this:

    On the original topic of this thread though, if you look around you can find .pdf files for the rules for all three of the editions of Space Hulk produced so far. After that you can use any sci-fi card tiles free to download or even make some of the 3D corridors and such offered around the net for download. Markers and other templates are easy to make from card and as stated you can use 2D proxies or if you feel so inclined order a box of Termies and a box of Gene Stealers from GW or find them on eBay. Incidentally, there are copies of all the versions for grabs on eBay you just need to be Donald Trump to afford them. I have the 3rd Ed but I am a collector so eventually I will track down reasonably priced copies of the original games. There were a number of expansions to the older versions, too.

    Never too late to get into Warhammer or 40K. ;)
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    Please, keep it on topic. Only answers to alienhunger's original post and comment pertaining to it should be posted.

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