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  1. gian7675

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    Here's my invoice:

    Paper Craft Space Cruiser Yamato: ¥2,800
    Merchandise Total : ¥2,800
    Shipping Charge EMS : ¥1,520
    Total : ¥4,320

    Total: 4,320 yen converted to USD at 116 yen/dollar = $37.24

    Here's the shipping explanation regarding the shipping price estimate on the Space Cruiser Yamato Paper Craft page.

    Space Cruiser Yamato Paper Craft

    The estimated shipping cost given on the product page is already for North and Central America etc...

    I'm in the Philippines so the 1,860 Yen estimate on the page for EMS is actually lower for me. As you can see, they only charged me 1,520 Yen

    So, theoretically the EMS rate for shipping to the U.S. is the 1,860 Yen or $15.28 USD. :)

    So...your bill should be according to is $38.1779 USD if you choose EMS and if the EMS shipping estimate is exactly the one posted =)

    I hope this helps :)

    I noticed that many people seems to be ordering the Space Cruiser Yamato Paper Craft. The stock status is always on backordered even when I've gotten mine :grin:
  2. Amazyah

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    Very thorough report! Thank you!
    For the service and distance, I think that is rather cheap!

    Thanks again for all the info.8)

  3. gian7675

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    No prob :)
    But please keep in mind that this is my report only..not HLJ's :grin:
  4. Stev0

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    Thats amazing. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I can get a couple of items. =)

    ARMORMAN Guest

    I picked up the earthsea dragon kit (as well as some other cool items over the years) and have had no problem whatsoever with them.
  6. Kevin G

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    Just thought I would add my expierience so far.
    Placed an order for this model on June 4th. Got an email on June 17th saying it was ready. Sent the payment via paypal on June 17th. Less than 15 seconds later I got an email saying my payment was received aand it would ship ASAP. Total came to $38.74 with the EMS shipping (funny how we will pay extra for that fast shipping even though we know it won't be worked on right away).
    In comparison with gian7675's cost above, my shipping was exactly 1860 yen to the US. got a better exchange rate though at $1US= 120.313 yen.
    Now for the wait, am I the only one that hates that part?
    Got the first email at 8AM, made the whole rest of fathers day even better!!

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