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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Gearz, Jun 4, 2006.

  1. Gearz

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    Hi cousins, just putting out a feeler for a SAAB fan that's willing to do some leg work / supply some technical info, and test build the Saratoga + Eisenhower for me? Loved the series/season, unfortunately I only got to see a few episodes. I'm not sure if the Eisenhower was featured in many/any episodes? From scoping the net ~ she went down in flames at some point? Anyway the plan is to dev 2812 with an option for 2807, it'll be a while before it gets under way, but I've had it on the board for ages and I'd like to finish it before winters out (or your summer).

    So far ~ I've got the 3d models just about prepped, looks like they'll build up into nice models. There's a few gun placement/size and general arrangement questions etc, that we can sort out once underway. I've got reasonable reference material collected for the Saratoga, though I can't find much on the Eisenhower. The 3D model looks slightly sus with the placing of ? dual particle weapons? ~ ( long tubes mounted coaxially) screen caps or anything would be a help, just to confirm its general arrangement and move the 3D along.

    Not the best of caps, anyone confirm the Eisenhower (right) looks semi cannon..


  2. Bowdenja

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    Loved the series.............. but watched it BEFORE getting into paper modeling so I didn't pay that much attention to the ships. Maybe it will come back as re-runs on the Sci-Fi channel. We can always hope.
  3. sjsquirrel

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    Count me in!


    I loved SAAB and was saddened when it got cancelled. I'd love models of the ships - but only after you finish the Galactica :wink:

    I also have plans to start developing a model of the Seaview pretty soon. I've been working with a couple meshes and getting to know Meta in between test builds of the Galactica.

    You can count on me to help with these, but not right away.
  4. Gearz

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    Hi Bowdenja... what's the Sci-Fi channel ???? LOL

    Boy you northern hemi guys get spoilt! How I dreeeeam of having the sci-fi channel. Yep from what I saw, SAAB looked like a great series with heaps of potential, Shame! I'm not sure but I couldn't find any SAAB card models ~ a Hammerhead and maybe the APC would be worthy subjects as well, maybe.

    Hey Steve... right... your IN! ~ of course the Galactica is first, better keep the whip handy just in case I start to drift ~ which I have the unfortunate tenancy to do ( there's just so many great subjects). The Seaview sounds like an interesting project, looking forward to your progress, if I can help with META in any way give us a hoy.
  5. Bowdenja

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    Yeah sometimes we get lucky! I found the complete series on DVD from for $40 USD.

    Maybe I can get you some screen shots to help with the models. I too would love to have a Hammerhead!

  6. sjsquirrel

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    Existing models

    Hey guys,

    I'm not at home at the moment, but I'm sure I have either a 3d mesh or paper model of the Hammerhead that I found on the net while travelling around. When I get home tonight I'll pull it up and let you know what it is and where I got it.

    And now that I know Space AAB did come out on DVD I'll have to go find it...:)
  7. sjsquirrel

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  8. Gearz

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    DAMN !! of all the formats!! Derrin's work is Brilliant, unfortunately he only posts .max versions ~ 3Dex has problems converting them. looks like a nice model though ? 6 megs ! not to sure how suitable it'll be but its got great texture. I have a few game / low poly versions :cry: have to do a bit more searching when its on the board. Shame we can't recruit one of the Aviation guys here to Dev it, some of their work is amazing.

    SAAB DVD ~ OOHHhhhh - yeeeesssssss! I've drooled over that for ages, It'll crunch out to be considerably more than 40 US by time it arrived on my door step, but its on top of the 'MUUUSST HAVE' list. Mmm.. I'll have to start a new thread ~ Sci-Fi SOB STORIES. "Skuuuzzz me sir.. spare a dollar for a man that lives in country that stopped airing ST Enterprise and only found out that the series was cancelled by chance while surfing the net" ~ sniff

    Back to the plot.. any material regarding the Saratoga or any of the Carriers would be most welcome. I've found a list of SCVN names, not sure how cannon they are?. I might skip off over to a dedicated SAAB forum and be a nuisance ~ might be interesting to dig up some more info on the configuration of the other carriers (if it exists) Does anyone recall any of these names mentioned in the series? - 2812

    John F. Kennedy SCVN-2800
    Colin Powell SCVN-2801
    Yorktown SCVN-2802
    Valley Forge SCVN-2803
    Roosevelt SCVN-2804
    Washington SCVN-2805
    Lexington SCVN-2806
    Eisenhower SCVN-2807
    Ticonderoga SCVN-2808
    Chester W. Nimitz SCVN-2809
    Bunker Hill SCVN-2810
    William F. Halsey SCVN-2811
    Saratoga SCVN-2812
  9. Bowdenja

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  10. Stev0

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    The format the hammerhead is in, if I remember right, is good ole Max 2.5 as are pretty much all the meshes that are in Max format. Expect other than good results if you are not using Max 2.5 exclusively... 2.0 MAY work but it's not likely and forget about 3.1 since I painfully remember how much work I lost done in 2.5 format because 2.5 was all new then.

    So THAT particular mesh is without a doubt a no go. I know of one but I just spent the last hour trying to find it... I know the site but cannot remember it and it includes the transport and carrier.
  11. sjsquirrel

    sjsquirrel Member

    Hammerhead in Meta


    I converted that hammerhead mesh to Meta with no problem. Well, okay, I had to try it half a dozen times and utter the proper incantations and stuff, but I have it.

    And when the Galactica's done you can have it too...:twisted:
  12. Jaybats

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    I think it's usually much faster and easier to make your own model in Metasequioa than to convert from a 3DS format.




    Work in progress. :grin:
  13. goney3

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    Wow! How do you guys do this so fast? ... I'm impressed... *jaw drops*
  14. TonyG2

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  15. Gearz

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    Hey TonyG good to see you.. Thanks for the links, I needed them. I did have some refmat collected, though a lot of it is covered with dust and lost in some obscure sub sub sub DIR. Yep.. Paperstarships seems pretty quite these days. How did you go with the Developing ? have any joy, or do you still have all of your hair?

    Jaybats ~ Have to agree whole heartedly with you there, as StevO pointed out max can be... 'problematic'. Both Max / 3ds have certainly given me plenty of grief in the past, though, I'm no where up to your level building from scratch in META ~ just starting on that curve. Your Hammerhead looks excellent! What are your plans for it? Are you creating it to Dev into a card model?

    Steve hahah.. half you luck with the conversion. Even my best result gave me vertigo! ( there's never enough things to throw when stuff turns to worms ~ I'll have to get myself a foam brick!) its a good lookin' model, I'd like to have a look at it if you've converted it. Galactica ~ YES Please!!

    Bowdenja ~ thanks.. those links were the ticket. I trawled that site way back, but he/they must have updated since then, cause the gfx were much better quality + quantity since then.. !! finally got a forward elevation of her.

    Some of the stats on the Saratoga from those sites were interesting, I don't think I'd like to spend seven years at nearly 4 g's ~ athletic supports would be in high demand!!!

    Looking good for plenty of SAAB models, I think if we took a poll, the Hammerhead would probably be voted most popular, but got to stick to the 'master plan' and do the Saratoga/ Eisenhower first, or I'll drift and end up with a bunch of unfinished projects. One exception, we can't have a SAAB thread without a SAAB model on offer, So I dug deep into the archives and found one that just needed a bit of dusting. I thought the Chig fighter was reasonably stylish, the 'pilot' issue didn't dawn on me until later. Guess they were either autonomous, reeeeaaally large.. or maybe full of that pesky cognitive snot.

    Its a bit risky posting this, as I never got around to finishing the beta build. Most of you guys are way experienced, so we might be able to skip all the laborious bits and just iron out a few bugs (maybe). Just in case, there's a Textured version and a Plain white version.

    SAAB Chig Fighter

    Notes / possible Bugs? ~
    * From memory the nacelle/wings weren't a 'perfect' fit to the spine, close but = 'best fit'.
    * The White version doesn't have part numbers ~ just have to check corresponding parts on the textured version ~ sorry.
    * Didn't find out, but originally I thought the centre 'spine' should have / build easier with joining strips instead of flaps. ?

    *The base I made might require an additional strengthener/support 'mid centre' under the vertical stand etc ?? a small box would probably do it? anyway hopefully one of you can let me know how it builds.

    Oh yeah... If anyone builds the textured version, I'd really appreciate a posted picture of the finished goods = to add to a polished release version (when I find a home for it.)

    "We thought we were alone......"
  16. sdk2knbk

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    Chig Bomber too?

    The S:AAB Saratoga now too? I'd be VERY happy to see that! I did one S:AAB model myself, but it's nowhere near finished yet. It's the Chig Bomber. I found a mesh out on the web somewhere and unfolded it with Pepakura, but I only have the demo vesrion so couldn't arrange the parts properly. The engine section was a real BEAR to assemble, but it eventually fitted together. I do have some nice textures for it, but haven't worked on it in ages. I suppose I'll have to now. Thanx for the Chig fighter, looks good.

    Scott K.

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  17. Bowdenja

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    Got my DVDs in today! Already watched the pilot and episode 1........

    Rob your piggy bank..........sell some blood.........pick up aluminum cans.......... whatever it takes. BUT GET THIS SET! Oh........ and if that wasn't clear enough............ BUY THIS DVD BOX SET!:-D

  18. Gearz

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    Whimper!!! I've been ringing every outlet I can find, to see if I can get it (south of the zero line), if it turns to worms, guess I'll have to bite the bullet and go Amazon...

    I want it RIGHT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ScottK ~ I'd love to dump everything and work on the SAAB models, but got to be a good boy and finish the Galactica..
  19. Stev0

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    You forgot Chiggy-Von Richthofen :)

    ARMORMAN Guest

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