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    Keep on going on, you're kicking butt with this! :)
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    Well Hello, Modelers! Things really picked up steam when the warm weather finally got here and it's left little time for modeling. But, I finally made it to some vacation days and despite further efforts to delay me I finally found some time to build. So, today I sat down and got re-acquainted with the Hawk.

    I thought I'd do something easy and finish the attitude thrusters on the rocket boosters. But, all that downtime rusted my skills up but good! This little task took over an hour! These parts are not included in the original JayBats files. These parts are from my previous Eagle build scaled down to fit the Hawk. They are just simple boxes with four tubes each. I did add the raised rectangle on the front like the studio model.

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    Truth be told, I'd put off working a lot on the framework for the top hull because it takes a long time and I'd kind of lost my drive. But, today was the day to get back on the horse...or in this case, Hawk. ;)

    First, I had to scratch build a greeblie to represent the lunar module piece behind the command module. I used 67 lb. white cover to build with. I drew out the parts freehand, did some test fitting and trimming, then glued it into this basic shape, making sure it cleared the framework.

    I used bamboo skewer to make a mock up of the framework for size and placement. Once I got it locked down, I made a new piece out of 2mm styrene. At this size and shape, there was no way I was going to get a good piece out of paper and I want this to look as nice as I can make it. I taped rails to the cutting map, lined the mock up next to it, then cut and glued in the center rod working from the back to the front to keep the part from twisting.

    To get the stripes on the frame, I made various size stripes (3mm-8mm) on the computer to match the studio model. I printed this on sticker paper, cut out the stripes and applied them as needed.

    I've still got the side struts that go down both sides of the frame, but getting this part built and on made me really want to get back on this build as much as possible.

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    You're greeblin' has made this model come to life. I love it!! The work you put into it is self evident. Anyone who has built a paper model can see this this one is way up there. :)
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    Excellent craftmanship! :)
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    I really like how this is coming together. I have to say that it looks far better than the Studio model.
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