sp layout pics plz?

Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by joesho, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. joesho

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    hey guys just me i was wonerdering if u could post pics (proto + and model) of sourthern pacific/santa fe themed layouts. thanks a lot :D:D
  2. joesho

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    oh well

    i guess this is a dead thread :( :oops: its already been at least hour since i posted it :(
  3. jetrock

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    This isn't real-time chat, typically it takes a lot more than an hour to get a response to a message. I don't model the Southern Pacific specifically, but have a three-foot length of Southern Pacific mainline that bisects my layout. Here's the tail end of an SP Daylight train passing over my Sacramento Northern mainline:

    Nowhere near the AT&SF mainline, though: I think the closest point would have been a stretch farther south in Stockton. SN did run its "SN Detour" steel train over AT&SF track from the Bay Area through to Stockton, but I'm not modeling that.
  4. joesho

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    wow looks nice, sacremento thats what i was planing to go with :) thank a lot,btw thats the exact kind of land scape i was thinking about
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