Sp-2e Neptune Top Secret Op-2e Version

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  1. I am looking all over this site for anyone willing to do a tribute design of this very unique aircraft. The OP-2E was a top secret conversion of the SP-2E or P2V5. Originally an anti sub patrol plane it was converted into this stealthy looking gun toting war bird that flew some of the most dangerous missions in the Vietnam War. The casualties were so high they disbanded the mission in less than a year. I had the priviledge of serving with these guys when they were in training at VP-31 NASNI. They have a web site
    VO-67 Association - Introduction - Welcome Page I highly resommend you visit if for no other reason than to be amazed. I want to spearhead the design of this unique aircraft that deserves an honored place in history. Are you the one???
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    Count me in on being interested in buying a model of that aircraft. My mom and dad's "adopted" parents are related to that squadron. My adopted grandmother is the widow of one of the squadron members - Dennis Anderson.
    A model of the OP-2E would be VERY nice.

  3. Ryan:

    I hope you checked out the VO-67 link. I'm sure they would welcome a word from you. Tell Bob Tim Hinds from VP-31 sent you.
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    I've been there several times before... and saved a bunch of pictures for future reference, if I ever get around to building a wood model. Don't design much myself, but would really enjoy a model to build.

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    I used to see the Japanese P-2's flying out of Hachinohe in the late 70's, before they converted to the P-3. Cool plane.
  6. No takers yet??

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