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  1. matt fisher

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    hi guys
    if you have have 'nt yet seen pictures of union pacific 's heritage loc it looks great i went to see it last saturday and saw but, up would not let any of the public go inside to see it or to get pictures , and the only way to get in was by beeing a past sp employee and or if you knew some one or were invited , railfans were lined up along the fence and some had ladders and after it was all over one guy begged for 20 min just and the up rr police said yes but you must leave all your bags camera , what wrong with up they only did it too kiss the asses of past southern pacific employees that they fired in 1996 up did 'nt have a big party for any of the other roads employees like wp , mp mkt , drgw . they had a big bbq and a stupiod dj free gifts. but to track sp 1996 go to drgw.net i 'm not surprised at there attitude , i'm just sick and tired of it .
    to see pic go to these web sites
    you tube tv.com up officers specail and sp1996.
    rosevile yard if that does not work then try this roseville yard sp1996

    enjoy it
  2. Russ Bellinis

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    You were surprised at U.P.'s attitude? They fired all of the ex S.P. employees because no body but U.P. knows anything about running a railroad.
  3. b28_82

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    Isn't that why they never changed the name through all the mergers:D Can't have those other road names tainting the UP heritage!:rolleyes:

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