Soyuz Detail Cd's by M. Doffler

Discussion in 'Space & Aeronautics' started by NYC Irish, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. NYC Irish

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    Hey there
    Sorry to bother you I was wondering if anyone knew of Mr. Dorffler. He issued a set of detail Cd's about Saturn Rockets and another about Soyuz...Ive been searching the net for him but his listed email address seems to be a dud or you know of him or whaere I can get these cd's?

    Thanks in advance
    John John
  2. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    I'm very interested too. Thanks JJ.

    BTW, did you manage to see the Shuttle's launch?
  3. NYC Irish

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    Did I see the launch.....

    Technically...Yes I did...

    But not from where I wanted....

    I got the tickets for the public viewing area (6 miles from the pad...Hearing
    damage area I have been told)

    I got there the 26th for a 27th launch but it was struck by lightning the 26th
    so launch was scrubbed for 2 days while electrical components were checked out
    (The most pwerfull strike ever recorded on a launch pad...and this in the
    Lightning Capital of the USA...Definetly not luck of the Irish)

    By the time the 2 days were up FL was bracing for Storm Ernesto, Nasa decided to
    bring the Shuttle to the VAB for safe keeping. That meant an 8 day downtime to
    disconnect and unload the OMS and APU fuels....

    About a mile from the pad the weather forecast changed...the crawler was put
    into reverse and sent back to the pad to be connected.

    It was still not ready till thursday the 7th, but the APU issue flared up.

    Friday the 8th APU issue over ruled, I was finally at the viewing site and the
    ET Sensor in the Hydrogen was deemed out of order, T minus 40 mins the launch
    was scrubbed.

    Saturday the 9th....Well I had to fly home that afternoon....We were at Orlando
    International Airport and we got to the top roof of a car park and saw it fly
    from 50+ miles away.....

    Absolutely a spectacular scene, I am so not even slightly disappointed at seeing
    it from the airport as the rest of the KSC as well as Florida itself was

    I highly recommend and I will do it again once I save a few Euro's for it

    Thanks John John
  4. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Thanks for the recolection, JJ.
    Sigh! I hope I'll see it just ONCE, before NASA pull the Shuttles out of service in 2010.

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