Sovereign Class Starship

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Jaybats, Nov 23, 2006.

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    Sovereign Enterprise

    Hi Jaybats,

    Zousho's model is Superb, but I wish he had give us instructions she looks a bit daunting without a guide.


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    There are instructions in the parts pages. I thought the same thing when I first looked at it and was pleasantly surprised to find them. This guy looks like the kind that dots all his i's and crosses all his t's.
  4. Well, it looks good, but definitively not for beginners. I quote "You may need
    fine adjustment of each parts to finish the model. Good luck on your
    modeling!" Fine adjustments? That makes it even more difficult, with no
    instructions and all. Hopefully, Zousho will provide that in the future, because
    the model deserves it, imho.

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    Aw, that looks amazing! My "to do" list is now at novel length...
    Brilliant work - I'm constantly amazed at the quality of the work people publish, and I'm really grateful for it.
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    VEEEEEEERY Nice! I likey.
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    Seasons greetings all

    I have been in touch with Zousho re his Enterprise E model and instructions or lack of. He tells me that he will be taking more photos next time he builds a Sovereign but we have to be patient.

    He did send me some photos and gave me permission to put them on my web page Http:// some idea of how it goes together. Bill
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    "Page Cannot Be Found,"
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    Doh! Thank you.
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    Wow ... complicated build.
  13. bill516

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    Enterprise E

    I can cut and paste cardboard not problem but cut and paste with windows just give me a pencil and ereaser. I've edited the original url.

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    OK......someone who's tried this gimme an idea how the upper parts of theSuacer structure just below the stack of card that will be the A-B-C decks and around the Shuttle bays is supposed to go? Its the rear half after you but in the No1-5 ribs and cover it with the registry and name......

    Seems like therte should be some sort of a supporting structure back there, but isn't.....did I miss some parts or something?
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    I wish I could help you here, but I sort of chickened out of this model for the time being. I'm waiting till Zousho builds his next Sovereign then I may be able to understand what bit goes where.

  16. ...which illustrates once more the importance of providing not only
    free models to the community, but decent manuals and instructions
    as well.

    Come on, fellow designers! Just that bit more effort will put you in
    the Halls of Fame definitely!

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    Yeah I hate to say it......but I stonewalled on this one.......just the bridge though.......everything else I pretty much figgered out........Least I got other stuffs to work on!

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