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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by MTK, Jun 14, 2011.

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    Or..... Your basic TNG movie era control station diorama. This is almost totally complete and is an easy finish, so I decided to wrap this up and make it available. Should be done a ready for download in the next day,
    or two. I want to wrap this up, because I'm having several things printed up and two of them are the previous dioramas. Plus, I needed to get away from cutting and folding and gluing the Cylon together.

    This is a total retexture of the one available in BC. I couldn't stand the coloring in that one and colored and textured this to suit me. I wasn't looking at being accurate at all, just wanted to play around with it and make it look good, at least to me. I did go in and replace the LCARS with
    a much higher resolution image and tweaked to fit. At any rate, here are a few preview images.

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    Thanks. I'm liking the dioramas, always did. Would like to do more. I need to start scaling them to some definate size and have a lit of buildable sets that can all work together.
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    Thanks. I went back to the original color for the walls, because I want to expand on this and make more walls and a door way and add more to it. If anyone tries this, they may want to print up sheet 1, two, or three times to add more support, flooring, walls etc... Meant to say that the first time around.
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    Your ability to crank out models is awe inspiring!
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    I don't know about that, but thanks. I fiddled with these models for a couple of years, usually before I went to bed at night, to relax and wind down. It wasn't until I got a little help here on this forum that I learned how to texture them appropriately and that was the missing link. Now I'm learning UV mapping which allow me to expand my horizons even more. That and I've been playing around with lightwave, Poser, Daz3D and Bryce... Meshlab, 3D Geometry....etc...etc....

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