Southern Pacific N Scale Daylight collection

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    1. The following N scale locos are for sale as a single lot:
    Type Road # Livery Maker
    GS4 4-8-4 4448 Daylight ConCor 01-3854
    GS4 4-8-4 4449 Daylight Kato 126-0301
    E8A 6050 Daylight Walthers 920-34085
    PA-1 & PB-1 set 6007, 5912 Daylight Kato 106-0802

    Locos are DC. Best offer over $200.00 for the lot.

    2. The following N scale DCC locos are for sale as a single lot:
    E7A powered (with sound) 6002 Daylight Precision 625
    E7B powered (with sound) 5906 Daylight Precision 666
    E7B unpowered 5907 Daylight Precision 670
    E7B unpowered 5909 Daylight Precision 669

    Best offer over $200.00 for the lot.

    3. The following N scale Passenger Cars are for sale as a single lot:
    Type Road # Livery Maker
    Articulated chair 2-car set 2458, 2457 Daylight Kato 106-6301
    Articulated chair 2-car set 2478, 2477 Daylight Kato 106-6302
    Articulated chair 2-car set 2480, 2479 Daylight Kato 106-6303
    Articulated chair 2-car set 2468, 2467 Daylight Kato 106-6304
    10-car set in original box with unitrack Daylight Kato 106-060

    Best offer over $200.00 for the passenger cars as a single lot.

    All items in excellent condition - lightly used; photos available on request.
    $550.00 will secure all three lots!
    Postage extra; mailing from Louisiana.
    Change of gauge and country are reasons for sale.

    These will go on Ebay if no interest here!
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    All now sold except the E7 locos which are now on Ebay.

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