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  1. riverotter

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    I'm primarily an HO railroad modeler (mainly because that's what I have - the momentum factor), but I confess I'm mesmerized by the "bigger stuff". I own a locomotive and a caboose in "S" scale, and a locomotive and a boxcar in 1:29 ("G") scale.

    To come to the point: I own a brass HO scale Southern Pacific AC-9, and I really enjoy having it, but if I could find an "O" version, like the Biblical "pearl of great value", I'd probably sell the HO model and whatever else I'd need to in order to own the "O" locomotive, and I'd might even switch to "O" altogether.

    I know Lionel made one a few years ago. I assume it's three rail. Does anyone in this community know how "faithful" a representation it was vis-a-vis the prototype? (I know that a lot of Lionel's trains have been "adjusted" in terms of dimensions, etc., in order to run on the smaller radius track some folks use.)

    Does anyone know of a dealer who might have or be able to get an AC-9?

    This next question will show you what a newbie I am at "O" related matters: How hard would it be to convert a 3-rail locomotive to 2-rail?

    Thanks for indulging me!:wave:
  2. Geno

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    I've seen this engine on Ebay recently- I believe it went for close to MSRP, about $1400. As far as the details and scale proportions go, it was designed from prototype blueprints and photographs, so I doubt it's truncated or drastically shortened in height or width. Most buyers of this type of high-end locomotive want it to appear as realistic as possible (even if they run it on 3-rail track), so Lionel aims for scale dimensions- the obvious compromise being the oversize flanges.

    I don't know if 3rd rail made a version, but if so it would argueably be more accurate than Lionel.

    This engine was released some time ago, but I wouldn't be surprised if you hunted for it you could find it at some local train store. The bigger outfits like Charles Ro, Grzyboskis's train store, Justrains may be able to help you find one. And as to converting it to 2-rail, some of the posters on the OGR Forum have done so to their steamers- check that forum for more info.

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    Hey, I just saw the SP AC-9 in "O" scale on ebay not too long ago. I want to say it is still on there and maybe going for like $1400-$1500. I also saw one for sale made by PSC on a website yesterday. If you are still interested just let me know and I can get that website. I want an HO scale SP AC-9, but all I can find are O scale.

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