South Jackson Industrial.

Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by brakie, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. brakie

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    Here is another switching layout I thought about building but nix the idea..Any comments or ideas? The layout is 30" x11'.

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  2. Topo

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    Wow! It seems to me that you have a busy industrial area here! :)

    I'm not very good calculating in feet and inches. 30" are about 75cm, but, how are 11'? about 9 meters? Thats a LOT of real state! :eek: You're very fortunate If you can dedicate this space to your layout! :D :D

    The most I like is the very well balanced that are the buildings. Putting they at the corners have the effect of no visual crowding. Nice.
  3. 11 feet = a bit over 3 m.

    Looks nice brakie. Crossovers and odd angles add interest on switching layouts

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