South African armour anybody?

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Scaffold, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. Scaffold

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    Greetings everybody!

    I've been thinking about designing (well, trying to design :cool:) some of the South African stuff, like G6 Rhino or Rooikat. You know, SA hardware is really distinctive and classy. Unfortunately, I failed to find any decent schematics on them. :confused: Do they exist at all? Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Scaffold

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    Hmm... I only found ready model of Mamba there, not plans.

    Does anybody have drawings of G6 Rhino? I had some of them, including those I now can't get from google, but I can't find them on my computer. :cry:
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    Plans themselves are hard to get...
    I know there was a limited edition Resin kit a few years ago at "The Aviation Shop" in Johannesburg, but long since unavailable.

    I've always loved the G6, It has the sexiest shape! sign1

    For those not familiar with it, here are some pics. I for one would welcome a paper model of this beauty! :mrgreen:

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  6. Scaffold

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    Yes, this baby rocks! :thumb:

    Meanwhile I did a truly heroic thing. I've sifted gygabytes of data to find my lost drawing of G6! :mrgreen: Although it doesn't look too accurate. :twisted:

    If somebody needs it in original size just tell me where to upload it for you.

    I think the most difficult thing in this machine to figure out is the front wheels suspension. I never seen a photo of it fully visible - it's always obscured by the body! :confused:

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    A very intriguing subject. Hope you can find enough info on it to do a model.

  8. ThunderChild

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    Oh yes, don't forget the other nice oldies: Ratel and Casspir!!! :)

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