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    Here are some good sources for obtaining the correct colours of camouflage or aircraft paining for different countries and periods:

    1. Aviation Colors - the basic source, and possibly all you need. Gives examples, descriptions of use, Federal Standard code, plus CMYK composition of the colour.

    Just go ahead and punch in those numbers in your paint programme and you are set to go. (Although watch out - this site uses a percentage composition of CMYK, instead of the common "255" RGB division - haven't quite figured out how to get around this.)

    Or you could just copy the picture of the colour and save it somewhere, and then make up your own page of colours for a particular project.

    2. Don Color - gives examples of paint schemes for different eras and countries. Very useful. This is a guy who tries to make a living from selling real paint to model makers. Us paper model makers get to use his efforts for free. We should all be grateful to "Don"!

    3. Federal Standard 595B Colors - when you really want to get to the bottom of things. Some 8,000 colours, with samples for each and every one. If you've got the code from above, here's where you can confirm it.

    A US WWII palette you can copy and use


    Finally, here is a palette of USAAC WWII (1939-43) commonly used colours. Just copy and paste into your ongoing recolouring project (if it is from that era).

    The resolution is only 72 dpi, so if your own document is anything like my standard scan resolution of 300 dpi, it will take up a very small space. In fact, it will fit into almost any white corner of your document. Simplifies things considerably.

    Leif Oh.

    Some other resources on recolouring, on this site:

    • "Color reference in Federal Standard", by Gil.
    • "Redrawing and Coloring a Model File with The GIMP", by Ryan Short, part I, and part II.
    • "A beginner's five first steps in recolouring".
    • "Recolouring II: Converting a Vimy into G-EAOU", by Leif Oh.
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    Thanks Leif, you are a great resource.
    When I started buiding models Internet was only a tool for researchers. Now I am surprised every day of what you can find in the web.
    If only would be so simple to obtain the colours even to paint other kind of models! This is one of the big advantages of creating our models with a computer and a printer.
    I will look often in those sites, not only for paper model printing.

    I only want to point that first link doesn't work, it's an old url not valid anymore. Little problem, here is the new address:

    Great as ever Leif! :D
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    Thanks Tonino, you're faster than lightning - fixed the faulty link now. - Leif

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