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Discussion in 'FAQs' started by Nate_64, Feb 16, 2005.

  1. Nate_64

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    I am not a model railroader but I am hoping to find some help here. I am looking for a thread tap - size 3/8" 32 tpi (UNEF). The only sources I have been able to find are model railroading suppliers in the United Kingdom (they call it "model engineering"). I've been searching model railroading suppiers here in the US and haven't found any that carry this tap. I can order from the UK but exchange rates and shipping will eat me alive. I thought that since all the sources I found in the UK were for railroaders, it might be worth asking the model railroading world if any fellow yanks know of a stateside supplier that might carry a 3/8-32 tap. I'm not sure what the model railroading application for this tap might be, but it seemed to be worth asking. So, where might one look for hard-to-find model railroading tools?

    Thanks a LOT
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  3. Nate_64

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    Thanks a million. That was fast. And- I had never heard of that company. It looks like a great source for many hard to find tools. Until today, I thought if it wasn't available through Grainger it didn't exist!:)
    Again, thanks.
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    Could always try they occasionally will carry things you may need for small applications, such as MRing.
  5. Bikerdad

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    The nice thing about McMaster-Carr is they have retail outlets in most large cities, so you can wander in and frequently pick up things like that. M-C's market is much more focused on machine shops, whereas Graingers can more generally be considered "light industrial and warehousing."
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    Unfortunately, I am nowhere near any of those large cities- but the webite is amazing. I've never seen so much stuff in one place. My dad was a shop machinist for years (before becoming a Railroad machinist) and when I told him where I found what I was looking for he said, "why didn't I think of them?" Well, I'm glad someone here did think of them. I'm needing the tap to repair an older gentleman's gun and had all but given up. Thanks again to all

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    there was also a place called "general tool and machine" dont know if they have a web site but will try to find one of there old flyers for address.

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