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Discussion in 'Scratchin' & Bashin'' started by Dave Harris, Aug 24, 2007.

  1. Dave Harris

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    Going thru some old catalogs I had that I had stumbled across while searching for part of my Unimat lathe in my storage area, I found the catalog for Micro Fasteners . It was from 1996 , at the time they had no web site , I did a search & sure enough now they have one.
    Amazingly their prices have not changed a bit in 11 years!! If you need some small screws for your scratch projects this is a great place to get them-- far better than Hobbits & walthers at 3.00 a dozen. Example ---I bought 0-80 X 1 inch round brass screws 4.40 a HUNDRED !!! 00-90 are a bit more--- 6.00 for 50 ---- I buy the longest size & cut them to length. I have several pieces of brass of various thickness with threaded holes , I put the screw in the one that has the length I need , cut if off with a cut offdisc & when you back it out it straightens out the threads so they will work again.
    So if any one needs fasteners you might take a look here

    Micro Fasteners - Hobbyists Source - Locknuts - Washers - Machine Screws - Fasteners - Rivets - Wood Screws Another nice feature is that they have no minimum order .
    They also carry stainless & allen screws in at least 0-80 possibly smaller .
  2. Dave Harris

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    Micro fasteners

    Now thats ODD !

    When I posted the link to Micro fasteners it was a WWW.address --- nothing like it appears now -- it changed by itself --turned blue & even tho it has no www. in it --takes you right to their home page !
    I'll never understand computers but sometimes they amaze me --- how did it do that ??
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    I just bought a bunch of 2/56 and #11 blades and stuff from them. I generally support the LHS because the guys there are great and they give good advice, but when you can buy 100 brass screws for what it costs for a dozen, well, ya gotta draw the line somewhere, call me a hypocrite if you must!:wave:

    I highly recommend MicroFasteners for price and quick delivery too.
  4. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    That's a new feature of this forum. It will take an address, and if it finds the description for it, that's what you will see in the post. The link will still work and go to the www address. Why? Well, it cuts down on the space the link would normally take up, plus it is more helpful in describing the link.
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    Micro Vs LHS

    I agree that I like to support the local shop too. 2 weeks ago I bought 30.00 worth of screws , nuts & washers from the LHS they are gone already & I'm nowhere thru screwing this model together . I bought 55 $ from Micro & I will have 200 0-80s ,100-00-90s , 100 2-56s & 100 nuts & washers for all three sizes.
    As for # 11 I did not look at what they have -- I DON'T buy Exacto anymore -- EVER !! ExCel blades are so much better-- there is NO contest -- The point on an Excel does NOT break off the second you touch it to anything like the Exacto does.
    Mostly thru my ranting & a GOOD Excel rep. almost all the shops in Las Vegas now carry ExCel
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    Well, It's pretty nifty ------it is :thumb:
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    Finally found something I like for a signature . announce1 :p
  8. ezdays

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    Yeah, it is. But in some cases, like this one, the URL is actually shorter than the link description.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  9. Gary S.

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    Dave, the #11 blades are by "Techni-Edge". I haven't used any yet so i can't speak of the quality yet.
  10. Dave Harris

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    # 11 blades

    Gary , There is little chance they won't be better than Exacto, it would take real bad luck to get something worse than Exacto.
    They are on the same page as Dremel with their 409 cutoff disks, the same company makes those as the disks I sell under the name "The Good Ones" which are many times stronger than 409's -- in fact the manufacturer calls the 409 disk "The Flash" -- I think I know why sign1, however Dremels position is that rapid breakage boosts sales, whereas my goal is happy users.------- Works fer me :twisted:
  11. nkp174

    nkp174 Active Member

    I've never had a problem with exactos braking...I can't remember braking one of them.

    I completely agree on the Dremel disks...I generally use 2 at once so they break less often...unless it is styrene. The problem is that the material they're made of is too brittle.

    Materials engineering rant...
    Steel is a nice material because it goes through a period of stretching before it reaches its final strength so that you have a warning...this is called strain hardening. Only the first phase of this is elastic (reversible). But materials such as glass or stone just go bang when they warning. Dremel really ought to use a more ductile material in their cutoff disks. I would never dream of not wearing my safetly glasses when I use them. I frequently use B&D wizard disks instead.
    ...end rant.
  12. Dave Harris

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    Exacto blades

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