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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Gecko23, Jun 21, 2004.

  1. Gecko23

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    I've gotten the urge to build an invasion glider, and this has led to wanting a C-47 to tow it across my ceiling. :)

    Is anyone aware of anywhere that carries such a beast in 1/33 or so? I know about the fiddler's green offering, but I'd like something more detailed.

    I did find a few pictures of a '98 paper model show that had a C-47 sitting on the table, and the tag said 'GELI'. Paper Models International is the only online shop I know that carries GELI models, and they don't list the C-47.

    So anyone know another source? Got one to sell? Etc?
  2. mark

    mark Member

  3. Gecko23

    Gecko23 Member

    I'll look into it, thanks.

    Of course once my brain started working, I realized that PMI still carries a couple of DC-3 models. Which of course is the civilian version of the same plane.

    I'm not really anal about authenticity, so a new paint job, and it will do.
  4. mark

    mark Member

    bay the way

    u have the li2 of MM its the rusia model of the c47
  5. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Fiddlersgreen has a C-47, and Chip is reasonable to work with on requests to get permission to redraw (assuming he doesn't drop from the shock when someone asks before the fact).
  6. rickstef

    rickstef Guest


    i think the FG one is already painted in Invasion colors.

    just scale it up i think is what is needed
  7. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    Yup, 'tis. Just taking advantage of an opportunity to sing the praises of a great paper model pusher. Should someone get a wild hair and want to make a few changes to the as-published version, I've found Chip pretty receptive, so long as you don't try palming it off as your own original design, and especially if you send him a copy of your redraw for possible inclusion on his CDs.
  8. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    :oops: Maybe time to take the eyedoctor's advice and get those trifocals. Missed the comment in the original post about knowledge of the FG version. I'm not sure I would recommend the Geli version. I haven't encountered the DC-3, but have not been all that impressed with the other Geli kits I've acquired. :twisted: (Rule of acquisition number 59....never pass up an opportunity to publicly badmouth an item you are hoping will show up on Ebay sometime soon.)
  9. Gecko23

    Gecko23 Member

    Well, from what I've seen, its pretty slim pickins for this aircraft.

    Not that its an unusual situation for large airframes, but oh well.

    I've thought about it, and I'll probably go ahead and get both the FG and Geli kits and see what works out. (They'll probably work themselves into my to-do pile the way things have been working out lately.)

    I did look into the MM kit as well, published in '66 and again in '78, no idea where to find either though.
  10. andrzejamr

    andrzejamr New Member

    fly model has published the c47 sky train in 1/33 and GPM has introduced the HADRIAN glider to hang on a rope behind it. ( i think even a 1/33 Jeep is included in the kit..)
    IIRC of course...
  11. Leif Oh

    Leif Oh Member

    I've got the Fly model C47 Invasion markings and it is a great model. All I'll have to do is to repaint the interior in a more subtle shade of interior green. Otherwise it is excellent, designed by "Grelzak".

    As usual, I plan to enlarge it to 1/25, which will be a challenge, since the wing parts will have to be divided up in the best way, which I have yet to figure out.

    I got it by way of Modellservice, a Polish gentleman operating out of Germany, who carries his own list at Ebay Germany.

    You can get in contact with him yourself at (Herr Wojcik). Give him my regards, Leif Ohlsson.

    He'll do his best to find you a copy, sooner or later, of this out-of-print model on one of his frequent acquisition trips to Poland. Price will be around 20+ euros I suspect, plus postage.

    I also have the Geli, and the MM DC3s, and I vastly prefer the Fly Model. The MM version is a pretty old design (no interior), of a seemingly Russian civilian version. The Geli is better, but also civilian, and it would be difficult to repaint it. The Fly model is an outstanding design, already painted in invasion marking, with full troop-carrying cabin and cockpit interiors. There simply is no comparison, and if you are going for the C47 this is it.

    An alternative would be to pick up the C47 version they used as a gunship in Vietnam (an offspring from the original Fly model, I presume), but that would require repainting, besides being a model of a most obnoxious use of a fine aircraft (personal opinion, sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings).

    Anyways, Herr Wojcik will be able to advice you further.

    Leif Oh

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