Soundtraxx LC sound decoders

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by alexander, Oct 20, 2006.

  1. alexander

    alexander Member


    i am wondering what the quality of the LC decoders (am i right in assuming LC means "Low Cost?)
    820002 DSD-100LC Diesel Economy

    what do you sacrifice in the low cost? is it just a Generic sound, or, is the quality just bad?

  2. alexander

    alexander Member

    'nother thing

    is the Bachmann DCC system ok for a small layout (on 2 doors), who has acess to another dcc system to program the CVs?

  3. hminky

    hminky Member

    "Low cost" is the key word. They are older technology, no back emf and other things, they don't have "smooth drive" so some locos will have a "dcc buzz". I found that the sound unless you have a big speaker, bigger than will fit in an HO locomotive, is muddled. I believe it is because it is 8 bit sound. The Soundtraxx Tsunami has 16 bit and there is a big improvement in the quality with small speakers.

  4. alexander

    alexander Member

    "Smooth Drive", "DCC buzz", does that mean, that it makes a buzz?
    what do you mean by the sound is distorted?

  5. Stuart

    Stuart New Member


    The LC-100 deconder is OK.. It just don't have all the sound the better ones have. The Soundtraxx Tsunami don't do a Diesel sound decoder YET. Unless you will to buy the SOUND equiped locos then the LC-100 is a great deal. I have a few and find them OK. The buzzing sound can be one of 3 things. One: The volume is to high (easy fixed) Two: The speaker is to small (install a bigger speaker or add 2) and 3: Sometime the motor frequency may need re-setting (CV9 should fix it, set it too around 60-80.)

    All in all the LC-100 is a great package and works great.
  6. alexander

    alexander Member

    yeah, the CVs, i'll have a fiddle around with them
  7. hminky

    hminky Member

    The new DCC decoders have a higher frequency signal and don't produce a buzzing sound from the motor when they start out.

  8. alexander

    alexander Member

    yeah, buzzing, doesnt worry me that much, i'm trying to get started in digital on a restricted budget
  9. Moochie

    Moochie New Member

    Anyone heard the Tsunami lite loggng deoder? I have the Shay LC and it does have the buzzing sound. I was wondering if the lite logging would be a better choice for my new Bachmann HO Shay?
  10. Fluesheet

    Fluesheet Member

    I have the Tsunami light steam decoder that i've just completed the phyiscal installation for (programming tweaking to come). This is my first Soundtraxx motor decoder, so I can't compare it to the LC - but it is hyper sonic, so there is no buzzing.
  11. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    PLEASE, i don't want to burst your bubble, REALLY, I DON'T;) , but i noticed you want to put the sound decoder in a diesel, MY advice(and this is JUST MY ADVICE), stay away from the Soundtraxx LC decoders, and if you want sound engines,announce1 DEFIANTLY STAY AWAY FROM THE BACHMANN DCC SYSTEM!!! YOU CANNOT ADJUST CVs WITH THAT SYSTEM!!!:rolleyes: there are MANY better sound decoders out there today, and the same goes for lower cost DCC systems;) . you WILL thank yourself later for getting better then you have mentioned, BELIEVE ME;) . **AGAIN, just my advice. :) -Deano
  12. alexander

    alexander Member


    I have acess to a DCC system that will program CVs at my club, and when i start on my new layout (i'll have 2, my little one on 2 doors and my "big" one) i'll get a better system, i'm leaning towards the NCE system.

    i'll have a look at decoders too

  13. Jim Krause

    Jim Krause Active Member

    I have a Bachmann Shay with an LC series decoder. There are orange warning labels on and in the box, stating" Use only on a DCC system. Using with DC will cause severe damage to your locomotive. As someone said earlier "older technology".
  14. Stuart

    Stuart New Member

    Hmmm, and why should we not use the LC-100 decoder???? I have a few in steamer and diesels and they all work great..

  15. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Stuart, I TOO had them:rolleyes: , then i spent a couple more dollars and got sound decoders like LokSound, MRC brillance, Digitraxx, etc. needless to say i have since taken out the LC decoders and replaced them with what I FEEL are FAR BETTER decoders;) . HEY, the LC decoders might be JUST GREAT, for you:thumb: . and thats FINE, NOTHING WRONG with that:thumb::D . but in MY OPINION(I'll say it again, MY OPINION), I think even MRC's cheap AD370(about $45.00) sound decoder outperforms the Soundtraxx LC decoders;). ALL the sound decoders i have mentioned run on DCC OR DC, and have ADVANCED lighting effects, AND, ALL except the AD370 have "back EMF". **SORRY FOLKS, but to me, selling someone on the LC series, just seems like you are selling them short, compared to "other" decoders that ARE available RIGHT NOW;) . BUT HEY... thats just MY OPINION;) . :D -Deano
  16. alexander

    alexander Member

    ok, i'll have a look at the MRC sound decoders

    thanks for your advice. i'm leaning towards

    Some form of sound decoder in my SD24
    Some form of DCC (with sound maybe) in my SW1500
    And, just for the sake of it, i'll try and DCC my Tycos (its not totallu undoable you know, i think i can wire it up)
    Bachmann EZ Commabnd on my small layout, and a NCE system on my big layout

    do you think this will work?

  17. alexander

    alexander Member

    at the moment, i'm leaning towards a NCE system, there $265 Australian
  18. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    IF you ARE going to run sound engines on the layout that you want to get the Bachmann DCC system for,announce1 DON'T GET IT!!! take a look at the Bachmann controller, theres NO BUTTONS to make sound equipped engines sounds work:eek: :( . I'm NOT going to tell you what system to get, to avoid a war over witch cheaper DCC system is better;) . but for running sound equipped engines, STAY AWAY FROM THE Bachmann system;) . :D -Deano
  19. alexander

    alexander Member

    yeah, i'll get the NCE system, if i go dcc
  20. gthomp10

    gthomp10 New Member

    The Tsunami decoder won't fit the the tender of the Bachmann Shay. I all ready checked it out. I have the LC in there now. That was my second sound decoder that I installed (the first was an LC in a P2K GP9) and I was somewhat happy with it. The whistle leaves a lot to be desired, among other things. But hey, what the heck. It was better than no sound. Then I bought a Tsunami light steam decoder and installed it in a Roundhouse 2-8-0 Consolidation. After hearing that, I don't even want to fire up the Shay because there is no comparison.
    My plan was to buy the Tsunami Logging decoder but alas, the durn thing is too big to fit in the tender.
    I'm looking now at the LokSound. According to the specs on their web site, it should fit. And, they have a rectangle speaker that should work as well. Problem is, you can't buy the decoder with the Shay sound files. You have to install them. Not a problem other than the programmer is another $150.00. Guess I'll start saving my pop cans. After downloading and listening to the sound files for the Shay on LokSounds web site, I gotta have it!

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