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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by green_elite_cab, Jul 6, 2006.

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    yeah, i'll have to keep fiddling with it. Personally i'm worried i might mess something up. I also need to figure out which order things work ( for the "schedule") so that if i did put it in a dcoder, the sound would work right.

    I wonder how hard it would be to make an ALP46. To bad that 101 locomotive looks like it costs to much, lol.
  2. green_elite_cab

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    yep, just search it. You can get the programming software for free, but you need to buy a $50 attachment for your computer in order to actually use the computer to program the decoder. You can also change the sounds entirely for free, and they have such a wide range that of sounds that even the most obscure locomotives have a sound file.
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    Hi MilesWestern,

    ESU's america website is, go to the the download section for an overview of the available sounds. I think Loksound has the best sound quality, they record from the prototype.
    GEC, the price is the major problem on the Loksound. It's about €230 ($290) for a decoder and the programmer. If you're planning to equip a large number of locos it's ok. On eBay Germany are two or three seller who offer your "wish sound". Might be a cheaper way to get a decoder with customized sound. But you can't change it later if you're unsatisfied with it. Have you tried out the software? There's no Mac version, so I have to wake up the ol'PC or use "Bill in a box" (Virtual PC).
    I share your thoughts about the 101/alp-46. I sold my Roco 101 on eBay and bought 2 Atlas and 1 P2k locos from the money. It was one oh the advertising locos. BTW I'm living 25miles north of the city where they were built and had the pleasure to see one of them before it came to the US, not knowing what it was!

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    Hi GEC,

    can you post pictures of your Loksound installation? I'm still "fighting" with my Soundtrax LC decoder. All these cables, ahhrghhh! I'm still not sure how to animate the ditch lights!

  5. green_elite_cab

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    I'm not sure how you program ditchlights or anything, but i'm sure you can find it somewhere. The Loksound instruction mnaual could be better.

    In order to install sound in the U34CH, you have to shoove the speaker into the cab. installing the decoder is easy as plugging it in.

    First you need to break out the hack saw, and cut the weight above the truck tower. cut the piece just before where the wires go down to the trucks, and where the nose begin. then you need to cut the shell much like how I have right here, but don't take off to much, just enough for the speaker to fit in the cab. If you can, try and shoove the speaker inbetween the two weights so that its held solid. The weights can still be held in by their repective screws.

    Now you need to be careful with the shell, as the cab area is weakened.

    I also cut alittle more out so that i can wire a lamp into the nose light of my U34CH. I just need the right resistor, and I have myself a working marker light that turns on when the locomotive is in reverse.

  6. caliban

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    Thanks for posting the pic and the "how to". It's looking much easier than installing the Soundtraxx LC in an Athearn loco. Meanwhile I've downlaoded the ESU Loksound software, but didn't try it out yet. Hope your loco works and, more important, sounds well.

  7. green_elite_cab

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    Yep, it works alright! i've been playing around with the doppler effect and everything. I'm happy i bought it.

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