Sound Decoder Recs. for several tough ones.

Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by kchronister, Oct 23, 2006.

  1. kchronister

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    Hey all... At long last I've decided to drink the kool-aid and put sound in my remaining 'silent' locos. Some of 'em are a little tough, though, and I wonder if anyone here has suggestions/experience... best of all, photos and discussion of installs...

    The locos I'm looking at are (All HO)

    Spectrum 3-truck shay. I've seen the Soundtraxx DSX install at, but wondering about other options. I vaguely recall a plug-and-play sound decoder for this shay that actually sounded like a shay...

    Mantua 2-6-6-2 logger, no tender. This is a tough one... I don't think it can be done. But if someone thinks otherwise, I'd love to know.

    Rivarossi 2-truck Heisler. Another "is it even possible" candidate...

    Concor Pioneer Zephyr. Several candidates for this, and not a tough install, but if anyone has thoughts/input about ones that will sound the "closest" I'm all ears.

    And a few I'm pretty comfortable I have covered, but certainly open to opinions or ideas:

    Heritage 2-8-8-2
    Spectrum K4s
    Spectrum Heavy Mountain
  2. Fluesheet

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    Finding information on specific installs is a tough one. I just completed a Tsunami install in a Heritage 0-6-0 which was a challenge due to the space involved, but nothing compared to your Heisler or 2-6-6-2 :) Both would be fairly simple to convert to silent DCC, but that's obviously not what you want!

    I'll eventually write up my project, I encourage you to do the same for each of your locos - hopefully someone will benefit from someone who has "been there".

  3. kchronister

    kchronister Member

    Thanks for the info. My biggest problem is remembering to grab my digital camera and take pics as I do the install. I always remember about 2/3 of the way through...

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