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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- International' started by jurgen Kohler, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. jurgen Kohler

    jurgen Kohler New Member

    HI Everyone, we need your voice!
    France wants to build a fast connection train TGV between Paris/Bruxelles and Strasbourg! Fortunatelly, this connection will go further, from Paris/Bruxelles to Budapest, via Stuttgart, Munich, Salzburg, Linz, Vienna, Budapest, and many more! But the french state decided to stop one big step to reach the goal! They don't want to build the Baudrecourt-Strasbourg connection, so the train between this portion will run at 160km/h instead of 320km/h. And the germans, austrian, hungarian and east europe will be closer to Paris than some big cities in France! So we need your voice, not your money! We will share trains, sometimes it will be ICE, and other will be our TGV! To make sure the train from east europe will run at 320km/h sign the petition!

    So to change that, more people will sign this form, the better it will be in future! The good news is also that the train will be connected to London in few years time, the want to build something unique in Europe...London-Budapest by train, so please Germans, Hungarian, Austrian, East Europe help us!
    Merci les amis Belges pour votre soutien!Thanks everyone, that's a nice project!
  2. Bob Collins

    Bob Collins Active Member

    Can't they build it from Brussells directly into Germany and bypass France altogether. That would be my solution. Actually, I rode the trains from Prague (Praha) to Budapest to Zagreb a couple of months ago and loved them just the way they are. Why do you have to go so fast. I'd spend the money treaching the Italians how to run trains on time :rolleyes: I also rode several trains in Italy while I was there and never did ride one even close to being on time. Then I got to Germany where I used to live and again saw how a train system should be operated :p

    Happy New Year

  3. jurgen Kohler

    jurgen Kohler New Member

    I don't think the state want to make it right now for Bruxelles bypass France and connected to Germany! But they will because they want to build a fast train route form Bruxelles-Luxembourg-Strasbourg! It should be around 2012, but who knows?
    Thanks for all your vote again!
    Your voice still count, so don't stop signing the petition:

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