Sorry - no further Wabash flat cars

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    In fact this model was a very cheap and old toy train model, I think $2 or lesser. Only many years later I experienced that its spare lettering is very close to Virginia & Truckee rr. original lettering like it´s visible on their most cars. I guess that V&T cars left rarely the tracks of their railroad and so they didn´t need all the lettering like other interchangeable cars. The question is if this mountain area where Virginia & Truckee was located did need such a gear wheel ever.
    However, it doesn´t matter I need a flat car for this load. I added again a few details to the model and because of that I think that an original toy train car can looks very close to a nice railroad model. In detail the base for this spoked wheel was a full disk wheel that I drilled, sawed and sanded. In most cases I let run this model together with the three Wabash flat cars and a caboose as “my” small industrial construction train – although all these cars would never meet in its railroad career. With the manufacturer´s sign on sides of the load I have honored my friend Bill in Pennsylvania giving me help and thousend hints with my starting in American railroad and model railroad scene. Thanks to him again.
    This model will be the last model with a heavy machinery load until I have built next models. A few more are planned.

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    Who cares about the flat car. Your loads will make any cheap model look great.

    Great work.

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