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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TrainClown, Nov 27, 2005.

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    :D :D I've tried - They never come out :( :( My friend says they are the numbers in the Chinese lottery :D :D :D
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    Don't you know you should be reading them from right to left? I'll be you guys didn't know that.:rolleyes: :D :rolleyes: :D :wave:
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    of course!!! You have to read from right to left - - if you read from left to right it's all Greek to me!!! :D :D :D
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    I have a dish that has 2 feeds from it. One goes through a TIVO unit and the other through the normal receiver. The TIVO unit winds it's way through a DVD and VCR player. The normal receiver is straight into the back of the tube. The net effect is annoying if both tv's are on and you are in the room with TIVO. My daughter uses the other tv and they occaissionally get set to the same show. In the room with TIVO you can hear the other TV a split second sooner. The effect from the other room is really cool. It sounds like being a big sports arena with echo. Since the TIVO unit is VERY slightly behind, it adds a LOT of reverberation.
    I ahve never had a 10 second delay, but a longer cable run and more processing time would certainly yield that result!
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    Just so's you know, it happens this side of the pond too so don't think your special :). Tv signal in the lounge comes via digital box, tv in the bedroom comes via RF aerial, only a three-four second delay between the two with the RF signal hitting the screen ahead of the digital, although at times the signals are close enough together to make you think your in an echo chamber or someone has put a "reverb" unit on.
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    This thread is just plain funny. If you look at the NASA channel on your cable, you can see the delay in action as the astronaughts respond to questions. A lot (most??) of our telephone communications are going from one phone to the other via packets, compressed bits of talk reassembled by computer on the other end, and the packets are frequently sent via satelite (built in delay), so the question of time warp with two people watching the same show and hearing hearing a delay is this. Does the person on the other end also hear a delay with your television also being transmitted behind?

    In our area (Baltimore) when we watch the NFL on televison, we cannot turn the sound down and listen to it on the radio, because the radio is ahead of all of the TV sources (antenna, cable, satelite) and it is so d****d annoying to hear the play before it happens. Our local radio station is not smart enough to put a delay into their signal to line it up more closely with the TV transmissions. I guess they don't want the added revenue of having more listeners.
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    You vapourized your neighbourhood in a uncontrolled matter/antimatter reaction?

    Another cause for a delay could be some new interferance in the cable from the source to the second TV, especially if the second line is really long. Maybe the cable cought on something, and the mesh shielding is no longer terminating at the ground, allowing another signal in the line. Also, maybe if the line is somehow getting hot somewhere, like a baseboard heater just turned on for the winter. Electricity in copper wire moves more efficiently when cold, so in theory, a hot spot would slow the signal down.

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