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  1. doctorwayne

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    waaay too much. For example, here's a shot of a hostler's helper, topping-up the sand on one of the Erie Northshore's newly rebuilt Mikes, at the road's service facility in Lowbanks. This is from the normal viewing angle, with the photographer facing south.

    While he might think that what you see is waaay too much of the skin on top of his head, take a look at this view, shot from another angle. Same coaling tower, sans loco. While the Lowbanks engine shops are seen in the near distance, that brick curtain-wall structure a bit farther off is in the town of Dunnville, rail-wise a long way away. This view is looking west: Dunnville is east of Lowbanks. To reach Dunnville by rail, one would have to travel in the opposite direction to that which the photographer is facing, and pass through two intermediate towns, over four bridges, and through one tunnel.

    Here's the same coaling tower, shot from the south side of the tracks. Also visible is a large expanse of strange-looking "sky", along with part of a peninsula that is not yet in service as a part of the layout.

    This shot looks east: the coaling tower is behind and to the left of the photographer, who, it would seem, is standing on the north main. In the distance, past the water tower, out of view where the track curves to the right, is the Maitland River bridge, featured in several other threads. Those building supplies fastened half-way up the "sky" are to support more layout, eventually. Higher still is more threatening sky like that seen in the previous photo.

    Finally, to restore your sense of direction, is this shot, looking southwest, of the 634 taking coal, while sister 636 passes by with an eastbound freight.

    I hope that you've enjoyed this little "behind the scenes" look at the Erie Northshore.

  2. viperman

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    Always enjoy your pics
  3. ross31r

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    lol, why is it you people in the states get room for huge layouts and we over here in the UK have practically no room at all!!

    Im jealous, thats a superb looking layout Wayne!
  4. Art67

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    One thing that always impresses me about DocterWayne's layout is the sense of purpose of each detail. It's as if the various details occured naturally over a period of time. Everything looks perfectly natural- the mixture of gritty railroading, combined with the bucolic setting really sets the scene for those super detailed rolling stock and engines.
  5. Art67

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    I also wanted to add that the 4th picture down-the one looking down the tracks is awesome.

  6. Wyomingite

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    Thats one beautiful railroad you have there Wayne and beautiful
    pictures to boot.

    Ron :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :wave:
  7. lester perry

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    Really impressive :thumb:
  8. ekiqa

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    You could move over here and have a large house...
  9. Chessie6459

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    Great Photo's Wayne. I enjoyed it.:thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
  10. Ralph

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    Wonderful photos as always Wayne! The coaling tower is a beautiful model. Say, are those the Northern Lights in the sky you refer to in your third picture? :)
  11. doctorwayne

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    Thanks to all for the warm reception.
    Very perceptive, Ralph: they're lights alright and up here is more or less northern.:)
    Thanks Ross, but (and no offense intended to our American friends) this 'ere's Canada, land of the big basement, where we spend our winters in hibernation. Or playing trains.:D
    Stuart, it's nice to know that some of the subtleties are appreciated: thanks.


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