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    either way still cool!!! :thumb: id still like to know where its goin with those cars,it might be excursion or a museum switch.--josh
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    Sharknoses are Baldwins, not Alcos.

    The steam inhabitants of Brooklyn are:
    Southern Pacific 4449, GS-4 class 4-8-4
    Spokane Portland & Seattle 700, E-1 class 4-8-4
    Oregon Railway & Navigatio Company 197, 4-6-2 (not operable at this time, stored indoors)

    Diesels at Brooklyn:
    Spokane Portland & Seattle 866, ALCO-GE FA-1 (gutted)
    Great Northern 274, EMD F7-A (operable)
    Nickel Plate Road 190 ALCO-GE PA-1 (repowered with a 251 block inside it), stored inside, not currently operable
    Nickel Plate Road 325, ALCO-GE RSD-5, operable
    Amtrak 231, EMD F40PHR-2, currently inoperable
    DLMX 644, EMD SDP40F, currently operable and leased to Portland & Western.
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    I believe you have found the Brooklyn Round House in Portland OR. Not only is the SP&S steamer there, that is the home of SP 4449 and Dole's PA-1 rescued from Mexico. Notice the NKP RSD5 sitting next to the F7? Yes quite a collection. Rumor has it they need to find a new home, UP wants to sell the property.
    never mind, kitsune beat me to the punch, and he is absolutly correct :D
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    That was a lot of fun looking through that info and pics.

    Thanks for posting those links.

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    Ha ha! I finally found it! sign1 That's cool! Thanks for the specifics to find it! The site can be challenging, but fun @ the same time! :D
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    Some very cool sites! Those were the cameras I was watching. So in that situation It wasn't that unusual to see them backing that many that far. Was cool to watch. :thumb: :thumb:

    Not only was it cool to se the yards, but there were some trackside industries that should give lots of ideas. :thumb: :thumb:

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