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    It's kind of strange that all of those reefers were from American roads, though, unless they were being loaded for backhaul to their owner roads. CNR and CPR, in the 1940's, rostered over 6,500 reefers.
    On the other hand, General American (GARX) alone had over 6,000, MDT and FGEX 9,000 and almost 12,000 respectively, and SFRD well over 14,000, in 1950. PFE was the biggie, with over 38,000 cars in service. Almost all of the American cars were ice bunker cars, whereas a good portion of the CN and CP cars had overhead ice bunkers, not really necessary for shipping fresh produce. Another reason for the preponderance of American roadnames could be due to the harvest times: if there was no harvest occurring on their home rails, these cars roamed the continent, looking for loads, as it were. There was money to be made, either in per diem or mileage charges.:D
    My latest spate of rebuilding includes the aforementioned PFE cars, along with two FGEX cars and an MDT wooden car. These will join 8 or 9 other cars lettered for prototype roads, plus about 15 lettered for the EG&E or GVEX. I still "need" about another half-dozen wood sided cars for the EG&E. :D

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    I have all the parts now (including CDS transfers) for my CNR "experimental" silver/aluminum reefer from 1933-35. Gonna be good... ;) :D

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    This is great background and reference material for these cars. Thanks Wayne. I have a half-finished Juneco CNR express reefer that I should finish sometime. Now that I bought the paint I don't have any excuses!
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    lol doc, you almost had me fooled,with the builder photo,thought it was real but then i seen the couplers !:D good job !

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