something new and from cars too!

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  1. iv'e been working hard on something new and exstremely wonderfull
    it's not a car but??

    here it is

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    Two questions:

    When will this be available?
    Will there be any blank name plates?
  4. the answer is yes! and this will be out soon to build i hope this helps you out
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  6. i just finnershed the piston cup papercraft!

    yes!!! it finnaly here your very own piston cup papercraft freedom to the world! all that
    is i asked is for enjoy here it is build your very own piston cup have lots of fun.
    color not black and white only the lables

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  7. more part's of the model.

    enjoy. and please tell me how you like it and i did this by hand and computer also and post pics when your done with my model ok?

    p.s. i don't have a 3D soft ware so i sketch it out but a print out of the real thing

    life size too it's very big too!

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    Very nice!

    Yogi (another CAD challenged "designer")

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