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Discussion in 'Zealot Archives' started by Triple F, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. Triple F

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    I realise that by making a first thread like this is likely to have me shot down in flames. But . . . . . .

    I noticed that there was a few Babylon 5 fans who frequent the forum, and there is a new Babylon 5 site that’s just went live that has a lot of unique content from 14 of the guys who worked on the show including John Copeland, Ron Thornton, Luc Mayrand, Tim Earls and Larry Bowman (the model builders and designers).

    Apart from giving a pile of information on things that’s not come to light before, the reason why I thought some of you guys might be interested is the concept art section which contains some pretty detailed drawing of the ships seen in things like Legend Of The Rangers.

    If this is the wrong forum or I’m breaking etiquette then sorry, delete my ass, just thought you’d find it useful.



    Forgot to add the friggin link didn't I. wall1

  2. Triple F

    Triple F New Member

    A few months after posting that, the guys who host the site changed ISP so the address changed – slightly.

    That’s the full and current version with a few new additions to the interviews, concept art, etc.

    I was trying to include multiple views of the orginal ligtwave models – but that fell through unfortunately.
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