"Something BIG is coming" aka "Who's laying these eggs?"

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    Good evening, fellas! :) Here are some impressions of Her Majesty.


    The first pictures were taken indoors - with a flash (SORRY for that but I had no choice :( ).

    Here you can see how the stand is used. The box comes with two aluminium rods, a short one to display the figure in a bent / crouching position and a long one to present it in an uprights tanding position as seen here. The rods can easily be switched. The attached head piece has two plastic spheres preventing the rod from damaging the body. UNFORTUNATELY the overall appearance suffers a bit from the stand but it is necessary to prevent the figure from toppling over because of the heavy head. Alternatively you would have to tie the feet to the ground to keep the figure in place.


    The detail is breath-taking. The jaws are made of transparent plastic. It opens and closes.


    The softness of the material varies. The side of the hood and the tips of the spines are softer and more flexible than the rest of the figure. The legs are strong enough to carry the full weight of 850g.


    One of the highlights: The hands. As gracile as sturdy. They won't break. ;)
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    Now we are outside. Weather conditions were not excellent but the shots are much better than the previous ones and present the colours much better.

    The monster has two interchangeable inner mouths, one short and closed, the other extended and open. I use the open one - because it is so much cooler! :)









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    The tail is flexible and can be bent into any pose desired. The tip is pointy but soft, so you don't have to fear it to stab you someday. ;)





    The shield is super-detailed and a pure joy to look at. There is a seam line at the front but I'm fine with it.
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    A fairly strange "gimmick": The hood is movable and can be pushed back and forth.



    I suspect this is an alternative interpretation of what we have seen in the first scene of the Queen in the movie (there the front part of the head moved forward under the hood).


    A few good views at the transparent jaws:



    Another highlight: The back side of the shield features intricate detail and colour.


    A close-up of the hand. All we need now is a chalkboard to scratch on it..! :)


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    That's all for today. CU again soon! :)
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    I bet she has a fine collection of Faberge. :D
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    Does she deliver Cadbury eggs as well??? ;)
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    LOL! :)

    It is more like ... "œuf surprise" ..! :cool::D;)
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    You did say that Easter is coming so Cadbury creme eggs sound really good now, and I thought that she could bring me some!!! ;):D:p
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    You don't see that with Faberge, just sayin'. And I've always been suspicious of the Cadbury xenomorph egg filling.
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    That is FUNNY!!!
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    don't touch her, yooouu BITCH

    that looks INCREDIBLE!
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    That is a COOL action figure. You could make a diorama for your shelf and use a plexiglass rod mounted into the back to hold her up and you wouldn't see it. Maybe add some tinted green or blue LED lights recessed into the diorama for dramatic effect.
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    this could be REALLY cool with a correctly scaled version of Jans' hanger bay diorama once it's done...
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    Oh, you guys have fantastic ideas! :)

    I'm still looking for some in-scale eggs... ;)
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    And the cardmodel powerloader!
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