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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by oriod01, Mar 20, 2010.

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    There are a couple of things that make this hobby great: 1) The generosity of everyone involved (especially all the talented designers). No where else will you find the end result of so much hard work offered for free. 2) The fact that a lot of models being made are of things not available in any other medium (EX: the District 9 SPLATT gun from Paper Replika), or items that are too rare or expensive for mere mortals to posses (EX: the upcoming Sulaco from Aliens Papercraft). The item I am proposing... asking... begging... pleading some designer to create falls under the category of too rare and too expensive for most to posses and is as cool as they come... 'The Ralph McQuarrie Darth Vader Concept Helmet' which is being produced in fiberglass (I think) by (limited to 250 copies / $800) and is SOLD OUT. This is TOO COOL for someone skilled enough to do it to pass up doing. PLEASE! Anyway I have several pictures from all angles if someone is interested. I have included a couple of samples here, let me know if you need the rest. Being that EFX has sold every copy that they are making, I don't think you would be stepping on their toes to create and distribute a paper one for free.

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    It seems to me there are Darth Vader busts around already aren't there?
    What's so special about this one?

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    All the others out there is of the real Vader helmet.
    This is one of the concept designs that was never used. It looks more vicious but personally I prefer the one used in the movies.
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    That looks like the Ralph McQuarrie design from the earliest of Star Wars pre-production art.
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    Now I understand. It looks enough like the movie version that I can't tell the difference without them side by side. Or perhaps I'm an idiot. Is the black one above the movie version and the two white ones the one we're talking about?

  6. hynot

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    this and much better than the movie.
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    The 'white helmet' is just the prototype for the final 'black version'. This is common, if you look at pics of action figures during the design phase you see the same thing, it's just not painted yet. Although this is very similar to the design used in the film, it is definitely more menacing looking. The version used in the film is just more simplified and a 'cleaner' design, which is why it won out. If you are a die hard fan it is always awesome to see designs that never made it past the 2D stage become realized in 3D. Since this cost $800, they only produced 250 of these, they sold out in the wink of an eye, and it is a very cool design, it makes for a desirable model to have. Considering that the Vader helmets (movie versions) I have found have been in foreign forums, I would probably find someone more willing to bite at this challenge there. We will see?

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