some very tall trees for On30

Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by Randy May, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. Randy May

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    announce1Here are some trees I've done with furnace filter bows and 1"1/2-1"1/4 trunks done with pine dowel rods,,,,,,,about a $1.50 apiece,,,,my tree ideas come from the "Red Rocks Railroad",,,:wave:heres there link;

    :twisted:here are the pics of the trees Iv'e done:these are 24"-30" tall,,,,I figure about a cost of $2.50 each,,,,Randy May:thumb:

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  2. bigsteel

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    they look great :thumb:.are they supposed to be coast redwoods? its what they look like to me and the stain color is dead on.great work.--josh
  3. Randy May

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    well there supposed to be big Pondarosa looking treeswall1,,,,,,but they do look better as Redwoods:twisted:,I used some redwood stain I had:cry:,,,,the next batch I'll use a browner stain on the trunks, and a lighter green flock on the foilage:mrgreen:,,,,,I live in the Pacific Northwest,,,,Washington state,,,,,,,my modeling is depicting the Washington cascades,,,,I wanted BIG,,,TALL,,,,and DENSE,,,,,I'll be working with a painted forest background board with these handmade trees in the foreground on a 24" deep benchwork,,,,,,I'll use a variant of hews on these trees as I can:rolleyes:,,,,,,,,Heres the inspiration to my trees and On30 modeling,,,,,check out this site,its awesome!!!!!,,,,,the "Red Rocks Railroad":wave::wave::wave:

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