Some Union Station / Via Track Side Photos.

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  1. tetters

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    Thought I'd share a few pics I'd taken downtown a few weeks ago.

    # 915 pulling her train heading east towards Union Station.
    And then a surprise in the middle...

    Of course I took pictures of the track work in the area. Some hoppers loaded with ballast.

    I then moved further west and snapped up a track crew working in the area...[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Via loco # 919 rolling in Eastbound into Union Station.[​IMG]

    One last shot of the track crew hard at work, laying down some fresh ballast.

    I apologize for the shadows in a couple of pictures...I had to take them through a glass barrier which is on the bridge from the Skydome to Front Street. I would have loved to have gone further down and taken a couple more of the crew hard at work. However, I was giving my bro and his girl a tour of the city. So we had to press on after this point.

    I hope you enjoy them.
  2. TinGoat

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    Track Side Photos

    WOW!!! You managed to get some great pictures from the foot of the CN Tower and a couple through the haze of the dirty windows in the skywalk.

    I'd love it if they had an open air balcony for railfans over the tracks.
  3. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    You have some good detail shots of the slip switches there. The heaters and the switch motors show up well.
    I hope they get the graffiti scrubbed off that loco soon.
    When I was going through there every day I could see a lot of the switches were pumping mud in wet weather. I hope this ballast improves things.
  4. stuart_canada

    stuart_canada Member

    I have spent many days there at Union Station skywalk watching trains, and photographing them. The glassed in walk way even with its leaky roof made a great spot to watch trains in all sorts of weather and i could always walk outside to get the shots of trains that i found interesting there.
    i have to come back to toronto and go train watching, need a long weeked to see all my fav spots, Union Station, Mimico GO Station and the bridge there over the yard, Macmillan Yard, what use to be the former Cherry Street yard now all the tracks are gone. But not too far from the main line that takes VIA and GO trains into the Union Station yard.

    I have some time off coming up maybe toronto would be a fun place to visit again for train watching.
    stuart warren
    renfrew ontario

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