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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Dashdriver, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. Dashdriver

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    Philly, Baltimore, Syracuse, Albany, Hartford, Providence, Norfolk, Portland, Burlington and Manchester.
  2. CRed

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    Actually there's nothing wrong with DC to me either,I just use a Quantum Engineer(which works awesome by the way)with my BLI locos.The problem is I got a PCM Santa Fe F3 A/B set off of E-Bay for a great price and if I want to be able to have sounds with it I'll need to go DCC.I would have rather just have had to buy another QE so I had one for the inside and outside track to be honest.

  3. Dashdriver

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    So depending on how much you want to spend and how many bells and whistles you want (no pun intended), you can place different decoders in a loco?

    COMBAT Member

    In a word, YES! Just like planes, its not what you want it to do, its how much you want to spend ! If you mean different decoders in one engine, I am not sure why you would do this, I think that answer is no. One engine, one decoder. Thats all that is needed.
  5. LongIslandTom

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    The closest analogy to aviation I can think of:

    Using your eyeballs to fly VFR would be like running trains in straight DC. Cheapest.

    Using basic instruments to fly IFR would be like running a locomotive with a basic 2-function DCC decoder that controls just the speed/direction of the motor and headlights. A little more expensive.

    Flying an F-22 Raptor with the AESA radar and data fusion avionics would be like running a loco with full-blown DCC-controlled ditch lighting and sound effects. $200 million. :D

    COMBAT Member

    200 million???? Damn, I did get a good price! LOL
  7. Herc Driver

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    Hey! A fellow airplane'r...welcome to the boards. And there's nothing wrong with turbo-props that's for sure. Of course my other ride is a Citation X - so I visit all the numbers on the airspeed indicator between flying the Herc and the X. Barbie Jet as in Fokker F100?

    DCC is a great way to go - and there's plenty of experts right here on these boards (that does NOT include me btw as I'm still learning about it). I've had the same thoughts on the great DC/DCC debate but for now, DC suits my (and my kid's) needs, but I've made sure all my diesels are upgradable to DCC for when the time comes. There's also a lot of great info here on getting started and designing/deciding what your layout would like to be.
  8. Dashdriver

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    Barbie Jet as in the EMB145 and the CRJ 700/900.

    I am definitely going to go with DCC once I get started. What the heck does ditch lighting mean?
  9. Dashdriver

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    Hahahaha, AESA radar and data fusion. I'm in a steam gauge slant alpha Dash these days. I'd just be happy with FMS. I guess I'll get my top-of-the-line tech fix with my future model railroad. sign1
  10. COMBAT

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    Hey, remember my video? The second engine, the BNSF has working ditch lights on it. I hope that helps! :)
  11. shaygetz

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    After forwarding this to my friends at the Marklin board...well...lets just say they're not happy with you:D :D :D

    As for DCC vs. DC, I like DCC much better and have it installed on my regular club locomotives. However, after installing it on many of my others and facing the reality of not having the finances to go DCC on my layout, I've gone back and pulled chips out of a few while waiting to put jumper chips in the more difficult installs, leaving only two matched pairs of diesels with DCC in them for shows. My layout simply is not going to be large enough to justify the expense of a digital system in my eyes, and there is a certain pleasure in just running the little boogers right off after they've been reworked in my lab.

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