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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by bigsteel, Jan 12, 2007.

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    hey guys i was wo0ndering what is the difference between matte medium an diluted white glue.i never used it so far but i use diluted white glue to glue down ground cover and i use (you guys should seriously try this) polyurethane flat wood sealer on top to seal it and have it prevent damage same with my ballast and it just peels of track for cleaning.

    and a question for DCC, im going to install it on my layout and was wondering do the DCC kits come with some sort of procceser or base for the signals to come through,and if it does is it simple to wire to a medium sized layout.i plan on buying the digitrax zephyr and run 12 different trains already with DCC chips.i just wanted to know what comes in it and if it was really hard to set up.i understand the concept programing in train ID'sand typing those in to control one but didnt know much any help plz:) :wave:
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    Matte medium is used by the craft trades as a glue, and as a protective coat to prevent damage to the surfaces. It's non-reflective and very sticky so it's perfect to use on our layouts where we need to glue stuff down and not leave a sheen to it. Some glues, even though diluted, will reflect some light which is not partucularly "prototypical".

    As for the DCC, I have a Zephyr which is very easy to set up, just hook up a couple of wires to your track and to a programming track, and you're ready to go. You will need to install decoders in your engines if they are not so equiped yet. The Zephyr set comes complete with everything you'll need to get your trains running, including a decoder tester!!!

    Good luck!!!
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    I've used it to glue down ballast since 1976. It dries flat and holds well. I dilute it 50/50 with water and a drop of dish soap to let it flow better.

    Of course, water and DC or DCC don't mix so let the area dry completely. A friend of mine used his DCC system with a damp area and trains going through would short, sputter or stop. Let it dry completely. DId I mention Let it dry completely?[;)]
  4. bigsteel

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    nks for the help im seriously thinking about getting the zephyr. and about the glue im going to use matte medium but really didnt know what it thanks for the replys:wave:


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