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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by OhioRailroader, Jun 7, 2004.

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    I thought I'd share some pics of my latest progress on my Free-Mo modules. You'll have to excuse the quality. My camera is. . .well. . . it's junk, lol. The links are to the pics of the progress of module "A" of my "Big Sandy Sub" set. 4 modules at 24" x 49 1/2" each. This set is a double track main for the majority of the set. The locale is eastern Kentucky and there are a couple sidings going on the last 3 modules.

    On this module, the cut out is going to represent a bank of a body of water or river.

    The roadbed was laid and painted a grey color to seal the cork and hide it if my balast happens to come off. I need to buy more foam now for the hills and some tan paint to cover it all. After I add the track and wire it up, it'll be essentially finished except for the scenery.

    I still need more roadbed, switch machines and track to get the others moving along. I'm going to find an inexpensive source for rolls of cork and make my own roadbed. Or at least give it a try, lol.

    After this set is finished, I'll move on to my Raceland Yard set.
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    Welcome to the gauge OhioRailroader. Good job, I do HO modules too. FRED
  3. Matthyro

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    Good to see your moules in progress John. Welcome to the Gauge
  4. Silicon

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    Hey, John! Good to see you. :D

    For cheap rolls of cork, you might check your local craft store. They've usually got rolls of thin cork available. It might also be worthwhile to give your local office supply store a call. Places like Office Depot might have it. Have a look at this item in the Office Depot online catalog:

    I looked at some of the other pictures of your modules and noticed the PVC legs you're working on. Will the legs be adjustable, and if so, what are you going to use?

  5. OhioRailroader

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    Thanks everyone. It's a major work in progress lol. I have the track plans on my photo gallery as well if anyone is interested.

    Thanks for the info SR. I forgot Office Depot had some for notice boards and such, which I did see the last time I was there. I saw 100 sq. ft. rolls at the local flooring store, 6mm, for $120, and 4mm (for sidings and yards) for $70.00. I think 100 sq. ft. would last me quite some time lol.

    The legs are adjustable 2 ways. I have 1" +/- at the top in the frame and I have 1 1/2" x 1/4 20 carraige bolts at the bottom of the legs for another 1" +/-. I doubt I'd ever need the top adjustment, but it's there just in case. I've seen some floors where it looked like the just laid a skim coat over gravel lol.

    I still need to add some metal bracing from the legs to the frame, but they stand pretty sturdy for now.

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