Some of the paper crafts that side tracked my start of paper modeling.

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  1. jjsher

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    Here are some pictures of the things that I got into after discovering paper models on the internet. Looking up paper models led me to the paper cuttings. I did a bunch of these, unfortunately none of the patterns are of my own design yet, I have gotten the ideas I have done from seeing other peoples work. This then led me to portrait style cuttings and from a request of a friend, I ended up cutting the portraits you see from the pictures shown. Since I am an industrial arts teacher, I eventually felt the need to cut some of the paper cutting patterns out of wood I still enjoy doing these things, but I want to get back to building the paper models that got me started in the first place.

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  2. inky

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    These patterns are usually used in scroll saw wood cutting. I have a few of these patterns and have cut them in wood.

    You did a great job on them. I never thought about using my wood patterns on paper. hmmmm, might have to give it a try, paper is cheaper than wood.
  3. jjsher

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    A lot of the patterns I have found, especially of animals were for gutting from wood or metal, but the most detailed ones I have were originally designed for paper. It is much easier to cut really intricate details with a razor knife in paper.
    If you decide to try it, google paper cutting and look at the pictures of what others are doing. Some of it is really amazing with all the detail and how small the actual cuttings are.
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    I have made some figures using paper bits to make a highly textured, in depth silhouette pictures, but I have added color and much facial/body detail. The only problem is that they are of nude woman and I can't post them here. I think they look great. Maybe I'll have to do a "G rated" one. :)
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    I think I'll have to explore this, as well. I can see how this can strengthen cutting skills and exercise layering techniques. Today is the day for discovering new things!

  6. inky

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    Here is one of the sites I go to for patterns. On the left side is the break down of the different categories. This page is all of them together.

    Just click on the picture and it will take you to the PDF pattern.

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