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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by davitch, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. davitch

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    I have Google Sketchup and love to use it, was wondering if the models I create in it are easily portable into Pepakura?

    Also, I noticed on some of the threads that I read through that the word "greeble" keeps getting referred to. Is this a generic term for 3d details or something else entirely?

    Being new to the arena here, I have done some modeling before mostly plastic and I have honed my painting skills on painting Battletech miniatures, but the "laminating" is something I have no experience in. Is there an in depth tutorial on "laminating" with pics as well?

    Thanks for reading this and an apology to the moderators if this is in the wrong part of the forum.

  2. wccrawford

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    I haven't gotten into it much yet. (I want to.) But yes, as long as you export in Google Earth 4 format, Pepakura imports them directly. It's supposed to be a really good app for making papercraft because of this.

    Edit: Oh, and Google is awesome:
  3. Millenniumfalsehood

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    As far as I know, they are.

    Greebles are bits, odds, and ends that are meant to break up and otherwise flat surface. For instance, the trenches on the sides of an Imperial Star Destroyer are basically a stream of greebles, as are the mechanical bits on the sides and engine deck of the Millennium Falcon. Panel lines don't count, but a vent, handlebar, or hatch would.

    I know of no tutorial, but the procedure is to glue the part to a sheet of bare cardstock, cut it out, and repeat. The idea is to build up the thickness of a part so it either has strength for supporting it's own weight or the weight of a subassembly, or so that it matches the scale thickness of the real thing. Usually this is done for things like 3D details on a model(the Zoushu Star Trek models and the Aliens Powerloader are excellent examples of kits which utilize this technique; tank and warship kits also typically contain a few sections that need to be laminated) or for girders and other thin, spindly bits that would be rather flimsy without the additional support.

    No problem; I hope it helps. :cool:
  4. luciencarroll

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    nice Q and A took me about 20 threads before i figured out greebles(50" Star Destroyer build is when i learned what a greeble really is) and at least that many for laminating. i really thought for along time it was spraying or using those plastic sheets. just goes to show you there are no dumb questions if you really don't know.
  5. Stev0

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    Greeble ... my favorite plugin for 3DS Max ... EVER!
  6. Lex

    Lex Dollmaker

    Though obviously Greeble is pretty useless for anything besides western sci-fi :D
  7. luciencarroll

    luciencarroll Grand Poobah

    haha funny..... and yet true
    but i think you could greeble the crap out of a moble suit

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